Perfect wedding outfit for the season ft Pranjal Kadkade!

So we are back with yet another masterpiece by our Pranjal Kadkade, to those of you who are our ardent followers you must have seen our very own Kajal Mishra in Pranjal’s Indo western outfits.

Still, don’t remember her?

Pranjal Kadkade is a woman of colours she can merely mix colours that we think wouldn’t go well together and make it a delight. She is a designer of colours and fusion. She uses different cuts and layers that most designers wouldn’t want to risk, but being young is all about leaping.

Here is a little something about her work :

We Aim at creating fashion statements in terms of style and design. Its nature is to accommodate a style which stamps an impression on the fashion lovers. PranjalKadkade is about being trendy, stylish, funky, elegant & yet rooted in the traditions.                                                                                                                            The USP of the brand is its ability to mesh western and Indian silhouettes, prints and design catering to varied taste. ” – Pranjal


So coming back to why we are actually here, yes the glorious weave of another indo-western wear right for the wedding seasonPranjal has never failed to amaze us with her works.

So here is the moment we have all been waiting for,


                                                           *curtains up*


As I said, no one could have believed that blue and this dull peach orange would make a breathtaking combination, but it did? Its the union of two absolutely magical colours. The work behind the blouse is another huge achievement; it is a perfect fusion of western ethnicity. It has a flowy sleeve which makes you look royal like you have just descended the imperial throne and the details, need I say the embroideries green leaves add up to the royal blue.



The skirt is plain and flowy; the plain colour gives it more elegance and the golden border is like the frame holding this perfect piece of art together. On the whole, this is a wedding outfit that would undoubtedly receive twists and turns of head wherever you go.

The wedding look was brought to light by our very own Kajal Mishra, and we must take a minute to bow, for the way she has styled the outfit deserves it.



She is wearing her hair in braids on one side, inspired by the red carpet. This is a classic red carpet hairstyle which gives the outfit much royalty.


The clutch is from TARUSA WORLD, its small weavings and embellishments make it look like a mini version of the outfit.



She has carefully selected rhinestoned long earrings which is not too heavy and not too dull and is wearing handcuffs of the same; the look is well-balanced.

On the whole, the outfit is something, that will always remain in the minds and hearts of people. You wear it, and I assure you that people are going to lineup to throw you a million compliments with a side of how and where you got the outfit.

Choosing a wedding outfit is quite a challenge you have to make sure not to pull the night’s attention and also not to be left unspotted, so go for something like the above which will help you get through the night with the right amount of attention.

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