How to pick perfect accessories for an outfit!

Accessorizing is an art.The more creative you be, the more stunning look you can incur out of your wardrobe. Multiple looks can be created from one basic dress just by changing your accessories. Accessories not only to complement but also to complete the look of an outfit. Fashion accessories can be roughly categorized into two basic areas: the ones which are carried and the ones which are worn. The former include purses and handbags,eye-wear, wallets, parasols etc while the latter include jewellery, hats, scarves, socks, belts, gloves, suspenders, stockings, watches etc.However, both pay a braggy role in enhancing the look of any outfit. Even a boring outfit can be updated just by choosing perfect accessories for it. Learning basic rules of accessorizing will help you bring out the best out of your wardrobe.Here are some guidelines to work it out!



1-Avoid wearing too many accessories at once

“Less is more” is the strategy to be followed while wearing accessories. Many make a mistake of wearing all the accessories they own at once. But this will clutter up the look instead of enhancing it. Wear a few accessories that accent your outfit or highlight the look you want to give. Too many accessories will, however, add up to your discomfort sometimes!

2-Balance the size of your accessories

This is as important as the colour selection when it comes to accessories. You must know how to balance the size of accessories you wear. If you’re wearing a heavy dazzling necklace, don’t mess it up with large dangling earrings. Instead, try to compliment it with simpler accessories to give a perfect voguish look. In the same way, the balance should be maintained between the clothes and accessories too. For instance, if you’re wearing an outfit with pretty design at the collar, avoid wearing a scarf that hides the prime essence of the outfit.

3-Avoid being too matchy

The easiest and most effortless way of choosing accessories for an outfit is to match the colour. Most of you go for everything in yellow right from glasses to shoes when you wear an outfit in yellow. Being too matchy like this may look a bit old-fashioned and odd. Instead, try going for opposite coloured and bring out interesting colour combinations.

4-Choose accessories that enhance you

It is important to choose jewellery that not only match with your outfit but that also suits your complexion. Choose metals, gems or stones that illuminate your natural skin tone. People with cool skin tones look good in light or white metals such as platinum, silver etc.People with warm skin tones look good in yellow and rose-gold. Copper and brass jewellery can also be preferred.

5-Match your metals

If you are wearing multiple pieces of jewellery, try to stick to a single metal for a time. If you wish to put on your favourite silver neckpiece, then pair it up with silver earrings and ring. Don’t wear any gold accessories in that case. Else go with all gold or all diamond jewellery.

6-Mind the quality and occasion

Make sure the quality of your accessories match the occasion and wear accordingly. If you’re going out for a formal business lunch, avoid rubber or beaded jewellery which is of low quality. On the other hand, if you’re going for a day out with friends in casuals, don’t wear a pearl set or diamond necklace as this may look awkward. Then go funky and free!

7-Pick the perfect bag

Bags should go well with shoes even though not the same colour. While choosing them, consider body type in addition to your outfit. Tall and thin women look best with short, slouchy bags like hobos and clutches whereas petite women should avoid oversized bags and bags with long strings as this may highlight their short frames even more. Women with plus size or good shape look fab with medium sized bags to balance out their curves.

How to pair up!

1-Coloured accessories with neutrals

You need not worry much when you wear neutrals like black, white, navy blue etc. because you can either match or contrast the accessories. But the latter is suggestible. Go for a statement necklace, earrings, handbag or shoes making sure one of them is bright coloured. This contrast creates a perfect and stylish look. Adding bold accessories to a neutral outfit also works well and gives a chic look.

2-Understated  accessories with patterned clothes

When you put on a patterned outfit, don’t go for bulky accessories like heavy shoes as they’ll look out of place. Go for leather sandals, scarf and feathered earrings to look cool and elegant. For patterned or printed clothes, you can also match your accessories to any detail in the dress.By this, you can create multiple and impressive looks out of a single outfit.

3-Bracelets with halter necks

Halter necks are usually designed to highlight the neck. So avoid wearing heavy necklaces or big earrings which gives a clumsy look. Instead, go for bracelets of any size or texture to balance the upper neck part and to sustain the look.You can also style them with large sized metal or textured rings according to the occasion.

4-Long chains with boat or crew necks

If you’re wearing a dress with a high neck like boat or crew neck, wear a long necklace or simply a plain chain with a catchy locket or bead.This will add a complimentary look and highlights your face.

5-Earrings or chokers with strapless

When you wear strapless, you will want to highlight your neckbones and other beautiful features. So try going for large earrings to add elegance to your look rather than a heavy necklace that hides your neck. You can go for cute fashionable chokers as well. Same applies to off-shouldered stuff as well.

Besides these, it is important to make the purchase worth it by choosing accessories such that they’re durable and reusable. Don’t worry much to spend big on classic items and always keep an eye on thrift stores and clearance sales for the variety of accessories without going out of a budget. Now that you’re aware of these simple tricks, you’re ready to scintillate every day, everywhere!


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