My 5 Favourite destinations to go in December with my favourite passport cover!

                                                                             TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE

Don’t listen to what they see, go see. Oh, darling, we were born to be adventurers. Travel is your soul’s calling, we do everything, we look into every need, you have your skin care routine, body care routine, we do for your body to feel safe and loving. But what about your soul? What about your inner peace?

Have you ever zoned out? When you have been working straight for hours and your thoughts drift far from where you are, crossing oceans and seas and finds that one spot where it feels relaxed? Well, that’s your true soul’s calling.


Travel is the one place where your body mind and health finds its purpose, what more makes you rich than a bag full of memories.  There are pieces of you scattered everywhere, in every corner sometimes in people and sometimes in place and your journey on earth is to find them and feel whole again.

I know in today’s world it is not so difficult to plan a trip, common take a week off and just go, go at least for you to feel like yourself again, look at your bones and flesh they are slowly turning into machines. Don’t let that happen, just go its where you will find something that you will never get even if you spend 20 years working.

Travel to escape, travel to breathe, travel to live.

So its December the month of love and happiness, the year is ending and its the right time for you to get your mind and body ready for a whole new year. That calls for TRAVEL!!!!!!!

Here are five places perfect this time of the year :

1-GOA :


Goa is one of those places that never loses its vibe, the city is lively throughout the year but there is something about the month of December that makes it more alluring and vivid. The beaches seem to glisten more with the lush scenery roaring and soaking in the cold air and also the never-ending parties which gets a little wilder during the end of the year. The city that never sleeps is the place for you if you are one of those people who enjoy both the light and darkness, party and silence, cold and warm.


It’s a white December in Jammu and Kashmir, have you ever seen a postcard and wanted to jump into it, well it is one such post-card kind of place, with its snow-capped mountains and white view you feel pulled inside a world that does not exist. Imagine the snowcaps outside your window with you curled next to the fire with a hot cup of chai? Oh yes, that serene view and the sound of frozen trees is what you need to feel alive again.

3-FIJI :

The crystal clear waters and lush green environment will leave you breathless in a good way, the view itself will vacuum the stress and pressure clogging your brains. The place is airy and warm which feels definitely like home. The island is quite magical like a dream, the crystal clear water won me over the rest so if you are looking for a place that will leave you completely relaxed then this is it, moreover who wouldn’t want to restart their year in an island?


Yes, the city of love in the month of love, December is when the city lights up, literally the trees are strung with garlands of shimmering lights and it looks festive, the decorations are so massive and with crystal lights everywhere and the gourmet, need I say? The pastries and cakes are the perfect treats to revive your beaten up mind and body. Who wouldn’t want to spend their end of the year in a place where love is in the air.



Saving the best for last, New York. No explanation needed, the city has life in its air filled with dreams and goals, everyone walking down the street has a big dream in their heart, everyone is wild and strong. And a place filled with such people makes the city wild and alive.

Why wait? Or why think about anything else? Just go and things will settle on its own. You need self-love too, so go pack your bags and go.

Packing your bags, reminds me of something oh yes, travel essentials and accessories that go with your spirit.

And I am loving My Urby Passport holder. 😀


The Urby passport covers sure keeps your cheery throughout your travel, with a premium leather quality and tanned leather inside it does what it says it does. The cover is neatly stitched and looks perfectly crafted. They also offer to personalise it, to make it look more cheery. You can add your name, a message or even your initials and of course, you can also choose your own travel colour.

Wanderlust Passport Holder - Classic Brown


The cover, on the whole, is posh and stylish, and it has several holders to hold everything you need.

Bon Voyage Embossed Passport Wallet (Smooth Leather) | Cognac Tan

It makes your travel easy peasy and relieves you of the thought of losing or misplacing things. The cover also comes with a warranty and has a slit in the back for your tickets. Yes, it can hold everything, meaning less worrying. Travelling is to relieve you from the pressure and not causing it so yes, this is exactly what you need to help you enjoy your journey right from the start.

Go, grab the Urby covers and personalise it your way and you are all set to begin your journey.

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