My winter wedding lookbook ft IZA!

Weddings are not just where two people come together, it is more, it is about flaunting your tradition and desi-ness. you may fly the world but nothing beats the fat ass Indian weddings. Weddings are like the open spotlight and it is one place where you weave your fashion senses together and take over the whole place.


So weddings are where you layer your self with multi-folds of colours and rhinestones. It is the place where fashion is more celebrated than on a ramp. Clothes are treated family.

Though every girl loves the idea of the wedding there comes an afterthought on being simple yet elegant, you want to grab the mike but also remain behind the screen. It is a major crisis to put bold and simple together. but what if I tell you it’s not that difficult anymore?

Wedding clothes have always been about two extremes the big stones and heavily layered clothes which beats the bride herself and the ones which make you invisible. well, what if I tell you there is a hack of pulling off certain layers and getting you the perfect outfit. Bold for bridesmaid, a little less for just-a-friend and even lesser for a-friend’s-friend.

Yes yes yes I’m talking about IZA collection the one place for all the type of wedding clothes you need.

IZA is an exclusive brand put together by Kamal Raj Manickath. Throughout the years he has seen people, especially women go mad over choosing the right outfit for the right occasion and all that made him what he is today, he started his own platform the soucika where you have everything from the grandest to the most simple outfit picked out.


Coming back to why we are here, yes we are here to share with you a beautiful wedding outfit picked from the soucika’s IZA collection. The IZA collection platform has outfits from the budding designers from every corner, everything has its own praise to sing. each piece sheds a different light.

Okay now pick two colours that you think would go well together,

White and black?

Red and gold?

So how long would it for you to come up with the combination of green and violet?

You would never have thought, have you? honestly, in our minds, it won’t go together but after looking at this outfit you will drop our jaws open.

Here is the outfit that was worn by our very own Kajal Mishra from Souchika


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who would have thought that these were meant to be apart from the bride and groom, these perfectly two colours looks like they are deeply in love.


The off shoulder blouse needs all the attention in the world especially for those frilly sleeves that makes you feel like you have just walked out of a fairy tale, I personally love flowy clothes that make you feel like you are in a dream every time you walk or twirl the dress swish and swooshes which is a feeling out of the world. The blouse also has tiny details which makes it more dreamy.

The skirt is yet another fantasy, the green skirt with those tiny violet details balances the boldness of the outfit, the flowy skirt is the other meaning of elegance. elegance is indeed about feeling royal effortless and this outfit is definitely that. As you see there isn’t many weavings or works in the dress yet it looks magical. its the raw glossy fabric that does that, it looks pure heavenly and simply gorgeous.



Royalty sure doesn’t need extra effort and so kajal Mishra has worn her hair into simple Boho twists which complete the look and leaves it classy.


She is wearing long hanging earrings with white rhinestones which adds a little bling to this royal look.

Weddings are meant to be fun so choose outfits that you feel yourself in and watch yourself grab the spotlight.


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