Top 5 winter must haves you need in your wardrobe!

“Don’t be sorry, what you are wearing when you are cold.”

Winter is coming… Well, winter is here! And are still scratching your head over how to give your wardrobe a winter makeover? If you are thinking of pulling out the same old cardigan and scarf yet again this year, let us stop you right there.

Because we have brought something exclusive selection for your wardrobe that will make you fall in love with your winter wear.

1-Suede jacket

Do you want to stay warm yet make a fashion statement then we have got the perfect selection of your wardrobe, Suede jacket. Faux leather-like material with a fine velvety finesse on the outside and comfy material on the inside, these jackets are warm comfortable yet fashion savvy that definitely makes the fashionista inside you pop out.



Now, our poor feet and legs definitely bear the brunt of cold, you just cannot get them enough warm. Socks are leggings are good but are they good enough reappear in your wardrobe this year? That is why leg warmers should be your go-to trend for this winter. These fuzzy cute warmers compliment almost every winter look you are going for and most importantly keeps you warm throughout the day.

3. Sweater Dress

What could be better than a warm sweater on a cold winter day? A sweater dress, that’s what. Dresses are comfortable and easy to wear, just slip one on with your favourite pair of leggings, probably some colourful leg warmers and voila! You are ready to rock winter 2017.

4-Oversized Knitted Sweater

Want to look as chic as your favourite Instagram blogger in an oversized sweater with a warm cup of coffee? Then you got to have an Oversized knitted sweater in your wardrobe this season. Fuzzy knitted wool that makes you feel like you are hugging something really warm on a chilly day, be it an argyle pattern or just plain colours, just pop a sweater on with a huge bun and you are good to go.

5- Moccasin boots

Adorned with some fringes or free of any decorations, Moccasin boots are increasingly becoming a trendsetter for winter fashion, especially admired for their hippie-like style from the 70s fashion, moccasin boots have proved that they are here to stay. These boots complement your plain old jeans, leggings, dresses. One pair of these and you are all set to conquer the cold.

Are you all set to kill the chill with your winter wardrobe? Tell us your favourite apparel from the list and how you would style for the season. Comment down below.


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