Dark Underarms? Not anymore!

Yes, it’s winter here my dearies.

Which means no shaving.

Which means no coarse hair.

Which means this is the perfect time to begin the following regime.

You see, I’m not even going to try to boast about how patriarchy has set some standards for the women’s beauty and all those sentences which may or may not be overrated. Shaving certain spots on our bodies are not always to please the opposite gender or to look good. Getting rid of hair in areas such as the armpits is more or less a necessity due to the possibility of harmful bacteria being harboured there. The moisture which gets locked through the hair can cause body odour and infections.

The removal or minimizing of hair on the armpit is necessary. The common methods of hair removal have their own side effects.

  • Some people prefer waxing it (Kudos to them!) but that is one painful process because of how coarse the hair is.
  • Others use one or the other hair removal cream which has a short life and can cause the reaction to the skin given how sensitive it is.
  • The ultimate method is to get rid of them through laser treatment which takes a fortune to get done. (Okay maybe a little exaggeration. )

One commonly adopted method is using a razor to shave off the hair from over the surface. A very strong drawback of this act is that it leaves the skin of the armpits darkened. There are many other reasons for the darkening of armpits such as waxing, usage of chemicals such as hair removal creams or usage of a strong deodorant which can be harmful when directly applied to the skin.

Since this is a winter season and we girls aren’t stupid, wearing sleeveless clothes is out of the question which is why this is the perfect time to adopt these tips and work on the products mentioned which will secretly lighten your skin till you’re ready to show them off.

Here are some of the recommended products you can use to lighten your armpits.

1-Qraa Advanced Underarm Whitening Cream

Qraa Underarm cream lightens your skin to reveal visibly fairer and smoother underarms. Its natural ingredients, Licorice extracts and Witch Hazel, reduce melanin production and soothes skins irritation to reveal fairer, whiter underarms.It has high quality natural herbal extracts that are proven to reduce rashes, mild pimples and dark spots from your underarm. Visible results can be seen within 10 days of use. So from now on, there’ll be nothing holding you back from wearing your favorite sleeveless dress anymore!

Qraa is a brand known for its customer satisfaction. This cream can be applied once you are out of the shower and massaged over the affected area and during the night when you’re going to bed. Add this to your regime; you’ll never regret it.

2-Organic Harvest Skin Lightening Cream

Embrace our highly targeted treatment, which contains our most concentrated plant-powered brightening blend. Organic Harvest Skin Lightening Cream diminishes the appearance of dark spots and discoloration, giving you even-toned and gorgeous skin. The power of White Mulberry and Organic Daisy Flower extracts promotes surface cell turnover for a greater skin clarity and luminosity.

This cream can be applied to all the affected areas of your skin from neck to your armpits and yes, you can apply it twice a day again.

3-Biotique Coconut Whitening & Brightening Cream

This luxurious cream is blended with extracts of pure virgin Coconut, Dandelion and Manjishtha to fade away dark spots and blemishes. With regular use, skin is noticeably fairer, smoother and brighter.


  • Brightens skin complexion
  • It also removes sun tan
  • Organically Pure & preservative free
  • Dermatologist tested for safety, no animal testing

Biotique has been a promising brand for me and the skin lightening products such as the lip balm and face cream have been a time turner for me. Try it out during the night, preferably because this is more like a balm which might not dry after a shower.

3-Nivea Whitening Smooth Skin Deodorant Roll-On

You guys! I. Am. Moaning internally about how good this product is. Nivea is bae. This roll-on is perfect for daily application after a shower of secret cleansing for the morning. The refreshing scent and avocado extracts make it difficult for me to resist the scene. Plus, the lightning is noticeable after a few weeks of regular application.

Now, if you’re still having any thought of opting for some natural methods, fret not because I got you covered. Here are some of the natural ingredients you can use to lighten your dark underarms.



Now, we know how potato has natural bleaching effects in its juice due to its mild acidic properties? Oh well, now you know.

You can grate the potato to squeeze the juice out for your ease. Apply it with cotton and let it dry for a while.Repeat the process say three to four times and go about your day with no worries. Wash it off after 20 minutes with warm water.

You can cut it into thin slices and apply it like a pad on your armpits. Leave it there for about 20 minutes with lukewarm water.

Apply this 3 to 4 times a week and see the results for yourself.



Just like potatoes, cucumbers also happen to have natural bleaching properties to help lighten your darkened skin.

Again, it can either be your juice or slices.


Either way, apply them on your armpit like potato and leave them on for 30 minutes and rinse with cold water.

As a tip, throw in a teaspoon of turmeric powder and lemon juice to the cucumber juice extract and watch it work the miracle.

You need to follow this regime five times a week to see the gorgeous results.


Duh! We know that lemon works as a natural bleach and a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic agent. This is one of the many reasons why it is often used as an ingredient in the treatment of various skin-related problems including dark underarms.


You can rub the slice on your underarm for ten minutes and leave it on for another ten minutes before you wash it off with water and then apply some soothing moisturizer. Add a little sugar to make it a good scrubber

So, what do you think? Come on, you have an entire season to try. Go ahead and show off your sleeveless blouses during the summers.


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    I bought dermalmd lightening serum to use on my armpits for the darkness that has occurred. I completed my laser hair removal therapy last year and now I noticed that the area was darker than the rest of my arms. I like how it goes on smooth and it has become a sort of bedtime routine. I have noticed some lightening of the area and I only started using it about a week ago.

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