Reverse hair washing – conditioner before shampoo

“Flip your hair, enjoy life.”

Have you heard of Reverse Hair Washing? No?
Well, Reverse Hair Washing is simple hair washing technique where you use conditioner before shampoo. In this process conditioner is applied to hair first then it is washed out solely by water and then with shampoo or you can wash it all together in a one go with the shampoo, depends on what one prefers.

Why am I writing about this?
The idea of this blog post came to my mind one fine day when I had applied homemade hair conditioning mask made from two portion of curd and one portion of honey. I rinsed the hair mask with water but to get rid of whiff of the mask I washed my hair with a mild shampoo. My hair felt soft instantly but the real surprise came in when my hair got dry and they felt super soft and nourished. Generally whenever I apply hair conditioning mask or wash my hair traditionally (shampoo followed by conditioner) and rinse it water, the product either builds on my hair (over nourished) or makes my hair dry (under nourished). So for a few days I reverse washed my hairs on and off. The results were magical. So I researched about reverse hair washing and I will be sharing with you my insights and experiences.

Why reverse wash hair?
Experts say if you have thin hair then you should definitely be using the reverse hair washing technique because this technique does not weigh hair down and they look thicker and nourished as you have applied a volumising mouse. The reverse wash combats frizz in the hair and makes them look manageable. But thin hair isn’t the only hair type which is benefited by reverse hair wash, this technique is perfect for those with oily hair scalp or where dirt accumulates easily. Once you apply conditioner to the oily hair it spreads evenly and contrary to general myth it does not make hair greasier. After applying shampoo you would see how manageable and soft your hair feels. Also blow drying and using heat appliance becomes very easy after this technique as the hair stay smooth and in place for a longer time. A reduced hair fall is also witnesses by people using this technique.

Word of Caution!
Do not experiment with your shampoo and conditioner while using reverse hair wash. Use the combo you use while shampooing your hair traditionally. If you don’t see desired results then you can try different shampoo and conditioner duo. Finding the duo is not that difficult, just look for the shampoo and conditioner according to your hair condition and type.

Also I have super dry hair so I keep a check on amount of shampoo I am using to wash off the conditioner as if applied in access it can take away all the moisture from the hair. If you too are cautious about it what you can do is use conditioner-shampoo-conditioner regime and you would be left with hair softer than ever. In this case applying  conditioner before the shampoo combat frizz and nourish hair and applying bit of conditioner after an access of shampoo helps retain the moisture.

Now, I am using this technique regularly for my hair and I can say it is working its magic. Tell me in the comment below what you think of the technique and if you have any such experience to share we would love to hear from you. 🙂

Till next post stay sexy stay beautiful.


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