A simple and fun way of meditation!

I have already shared the benefits of meditation in our daily life, in my earlier post and after lots of query regarding meditation techniques, today I am sharing a simple and fun way of meditation with you. 🙂

Yes, meditation is not a rocket science and you don’t need it to be painful, you always don’t need to sit straight with folded leg, if you are not comfortable in a certain position then you can’t focus and that’s the whole point of doing meditation. Right!

Here I am sharing few simple steps of mediation-

  • Whenever you get time at home or at office or at gym anywhere. If you are thinking that you are free for next 20 minutes, then you can sit anyplace on floor or on chair in a comfortable position. ( Straight back is preferable position.)
  • Plug your ear with ear plug. ( You can buy this ear plug from market in just 100 to 200 INR ) This ear plug will help in stopping the outer noise.
  • Close your eyes.
  • After this take 10 deep breaths. These breaths will relax your mind.
  • Start listening your inner voice, your heartbeat, your breath etc. You’ll realize that there are two kind of noises, Outer noise and Inner noise. We generally don’t listen our inner voice because it is very low in tone.
  • After this when your mind starts listening all the inner voices you’ll slowly realize a very low tone voice. The last voice which is the lowest tone of our inner voice is the sound of silence. This is our divine voice. This is we. It’s a very deep thing to understand. I know it’s becoming slightly more spiritual, but this is true. We are not the body, we are that divine things in our body. 🙂

Once you start listening that divine soul, nobody can stop you from doing your meditation everyday, because that will become the source of energy for you. It will provide power to you everyday.

You can check our earlier post 10 benefits of meditation in our daily life, to know the importance of meditation.

Hope you enjoyed the post, we will be back soon with our new post. Till then Stay healthy Stay beautiful.

Love you all.

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    Prasad Np aka desi Traveler

    I think meditation has some divine power, and I am glad it can be done without any elaborate rituals like you mention. I too sometime just close eyes and pray.

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      Kajal Mishra

      Thanks for stopping by Prasad! Glad to have someone who resonate with my thoughts. Meditating daily has helped me a lot in my personal growth in last couple of years. Hope you enjoyed the post.

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