Top 10 Victoria Secret perfumes for women!

Every woman has a nose for Victoria Secret fragrances which not only allure but also comprise of subtle hints of femininity, beauty, and grace, each of which is bottled into their exquisite products. Here is taking a look at the top 10 perfumes that women all over the world swear by and would love to include in their collection of fragrances.

10. Very Sexy Eau de Parfum – Packed in a red bottle with the exterior betraying a sense of what lies inside, this fragrance is for all the sassy women out there who wish to allure and arouse. Labelled as a strong, spicy fragrance, it combines several different elements together to come off as one that is unlike any other. Lingering long enough for your fun evening or a late night out, this fragrance is to feel the young woman in you.


9. Dream Angels Forever Eau de Parfum – Pretty in pink, this perfume should adorn your dressing table for more reasons than one. Quite reasonable as compared to other perfumes, this gives off a fun and flirty smell that is perfect for your day out with your girlfriends or for a date. Light and airy, this lingers on your skin to give you the fragrance that you desired for.


8. Scandalous Eau de Parfum An amalgamation of black peony, raspberry liqueur and praline, Scandalous is the one fragrance that women of all ages spritz from time to time. With its unique mix of fruity and floral fragrances, this perfume will give you that vivacious and sexy feeling every time you spray it on. Bottled to resemble a jewelled clutch, this perfume would require you to keep spraying occasionally because the smell wears off after a while.

7. Breathless Eau de Parfum – As the name suggests, this is one of the best selling perfumes by Victoria Secret because of its absolutely delicious fragrance that includes scents that all come love to wear. With sandalwood, pomegranate blossom, mandarin orange and neroli being some of the integral ingredients, this perfume is indeed delightful and can be worn at any point of time. The aroma is light, fresh and rejuvenates you as soon as you uncap the bottle.

6. Crush Eau de Parfum – This is your perfect summer best friend. Victoria Secret’s Crush is made for fun summer afternoons and lounging on the beach. As a floral fragrance and a spicy aftertaste make an interesting combo, this perfume is for the young and the fearless, the bright and the bold. Giving you a sense of girlish thoughts and unfiltered ideas, this perfume lasts all day long, which is good enough for you to have a ball as you spritz it on.

5. Halo Eau de Parfum – A Victoria Secret perfume for both women and men, what more could you ask for. In a bedazzled bottle comes this fragrance which has several different ranges of scents. A perfect present for your significant other and a little something for you to splurge on, this perfume is airy, lingers on and has a very cool tantalizing fragrance that suits everybody. Its refreshing smell comes in different varieties for you to pick and choose from.

4. Night Eau de Parfum – Inspired by Midnight in Paris and created by Victoria Secret, this little black beauty of a perfume bottle combines different fragrances to give you unique smell that heightens your senses and of those around you. With the delicious smell of black plum and the combined notes of velvet woods and luscious apple, the perfume speaks for itself with its delightful and alluring fragrance. Your girls night out will just get better with a little spray of this perfume. Although, remember to keep it in your purse, because the smell may not last all night long.

3. Endless Love Fragrance Mist – With a fragrance that calms your senses and leaves your mind absolutely tranquil, Victoria Secret’s Endless Love is the perfume that you need to feel better after a long tiring day. Mixing essences such as chamomile and aloe vera, the fragrance is light and subtle which relaxes you and helps you breathe easy. Enchanting and delicate, you will be the very midsummer night’s dream after spraying a few notes of this perfume. Packed in a fuss-free bottle, you can carry this everywhere and spray it daily if you so wish.

2. So In Love Eau de Parfum – As the name aptly suggests, So In Love is a perfume created to give you that timeless essence of love and the feeling of being cherished. Simply floral, the fragrance is irresistible and captivating, enough to turn heads as you walk past. With the beautiful pearly pink sheen of the bottle to the first note of the perfume, everything about it is just perfect. Not too strong, not too subtle, this works both for day and night. Feel in love as you spritz this perfume and feel the mist caress every part of you.

1. Heavenly Eau de Parfum – The first choice of all the Victoria Secret Angels, Heavenly is the one perfume that does not come off as too spicy, fruity or floral. As the bottle comes beautifully created with a pair of angel wings studded with crystals, this perfume has been in demand ever since its launch. Combining fragrances of white musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white peony, the fragrance is alluring and ethereal. The most elegant of all the perfumes in this list, it is for the woman who is classic, for the woman who is timeless and for the woman who is truly a beauty. The fragrance lingers on your skin and gives you the true feeling of being heavenly.

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