Top 7 Wedding Trends of 2018 We are Crushing On!

So, the wedding season is officially here. The winter wedding season is the best because of everything being light in the season. And Bollywood seems to be most attracted to the weddings this year. We saw so much in the weddings of these stars that we thought all the weddings should be like them. And No, you don’t need to have as much money as them to host those kinds of royal weddings. You just need to know what is trending and incorporating those things. Here are the top 7 wedding trends of 2018 that you need to know if you are someone getting married this season.

Don’t worry as we told, they aren’t going to dig huge holes in your pocket and are not going to disturb your wedding budget in any way.

1. Cute Confetti Shower

You must have blown away a lot of party poppers in the cocktail parties, birthdays, or similar happy occasions. But the confetti shower at the wedding is something going crazy this year. Either the confetti with flower petals or the confetti candies are here to make your weddings bigger and brighter.

Don’t forget to tell your photographer to take that perfect click while the confetti shower.

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2. Pastel Floral Décor

Gone are the days, at least for this year, where the decoration of the wedding venue is all about the bright coloured flowers. The daytime as well the night weddings are more of the pastel floral décor these days. You would see the use of shades of pink, lilac, lavender, whites, and beige more.

Co-ordinate the pastel lights along with the pastel flowers for creating a nicer ambience.

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3. Food Trucks over the Buffet

This one has to be one of my favourite and the most creative wedding trends of 2018. The colourful and the gorgeous food trucks have replaced the old buffet system all over. This is such an inexpensive way to add an element of life to the whole wedding function.

Also, one truck can hold so many food items and it will be so convenient too.

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4. Centralised Dance Platform

Previously a dance stage would be set up for the dance performances at the wedding. They were like the big stage seen in the award functions. But the latest trend is more of an intimate thing with a dance platform in the centre of the hall. This is again one of my favourite wedding trends o0f 2018.

Be intimate and be fun!

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5. Use of Gold and Metallics in the Décor

Be it the cutlery, curtains, candles, or any other thing in the décor department, the colour family that is chosen this year is gold and metallics. This makes the whole ambience look so classy and posh without even spending much. You see it is all about being intelligent and playing with things rather than just spending a bomb.

You know how inexpensive yet posh this can be!

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6. Photo Booths with the Hashtag of the Couple

No, I am not talking about the selfie corners with props. That was yesteryear. Another good thing in the wedding trends of 2018 is the customised photo booths with the highlighted hashtag of the couple in the background.

Classy, fun, and even quirky!

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7. Offbeat Destinations

Along with the destination wedding, what is getting really popular are the offbeat destinations to conduct the wedding functions. People are going for the daytime pool engagement parties, daytime forest area weddings, tree house cocktails, and so much more.

Pass off the normal mandap scenes with something like this.

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If you are getting married anytime soon, make sure to do a proper research about all the wedding trends of 2018. Trust a wedding planner but also sit with them and tell them what you want along with that is trending right now.

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