Twelve different ways to style a dungaree!

Dungaree outfits have been so familiar to us since childhood and the love for them hiked up perpetually with age. Many people fancy the same when they see models and celebrities wearing them, but fail to reproduce the style often and remain disappointed. All what makes the difference is what you are pairing them with. However, you can acquire multiple looks just by interchanging the top wear since they are very comfortable and cute. Here are top twelve interesting and easy ways to style dungarees with different top wear. Have a look at them!

1. Basic white tee

This is the simplest yet fashionable way to style dungarees and overalls. White tee adds super artsy and classy look to the outfit. Who on earth doesn’t have a basic white tee in wardrobe. Grab one and live the style!

2. Sequins

Many a time we prefer dungarees for casual wear or day plans. How about wearing one for a party night? Flawless, isn’t it? Comfort plus style and added radiance, nothing can be better. I suggest you to pick one with half or long sleeves so that the dungaree style stays lucid.

3. Formal shirt

Shirts never fail to add formal pinch to any counterparts. Dungarees paired with formal shirts produce a perfect fusion of formal and casual look. You can try this look for any semi formal occasions like office holiday, informal meetings, collegial parties and so on.

4. Blouse

Lately I have been in love with blouses and found out how creative it looks when they are paired with dungarees and overalls. There is like a stupendous amount of stuff to choose from, out of which ruffled blouses are my favourite. However, you can choose one according to your style right from turtle necks to puff sleeves. You will look amazing in blouses no matter what!

5. Bralettes and camisoles

Bralettes are so trendy and almost everyone own them now-a-days. They never fail to produce the bold and sexy look howsoever you wear them. Bralettes when paired with dungarees make you look so unique and intrepidly audacious. If you are not ready for the revealing style, you can go with camisoles instead!

6. Sweatshirts

Nobody can deny the fact that sweatshirts are so perfect for fall. But when its your favourite one, I absolutely know how hard it is to avoid wearing that in the other seasons. Neverthless, you need not bow out as long as you can continue wearing them as casuals. The best way to create this casual look is by pairing them with dungarees. You must have noticed Alia Bhatt, Selena Gomez and many other celebs slaying this comfy cozy style in dungarees.

7. Tank tops and body suits

Who doesn’t love to freewheel in tank tops , nobody right? Most of us wear them like day and night at home. But very often , we don’t prefer to step out of home like that. We can actually do that by pairing them with dungarees and overalls. Acquire that supercool look and check out of home like devil-may-care! Getting me, ain’t you?

8. Sheer top or blouse

Sheer tops and sheer blouses add that perfect aesthetic sense whenever worn. I found this look of a blogger and it seemed so interesting. Its kind of fusion look which you must once go for. Dungarees with sheer tops looks pretty much like style with elegance!

9.Tube tops

And then I move on to the most out of the box look you can get out of dungarees. Tube tops and strapless tops are so like love for some. But I’m sure you haven’t tried this style so far, atleast many of you. If you haven’t yet, do it now! Pair your favourite tube top with any of your dungarees, overalls or pinafore dresses for this outstanding look. This looks perfect for both day and night events.

10. Off the shoulder top

Off the shoulder trend has been ruling the fashion world since around a year. But I know, many of us are bored wearing them with denims , shorts and stuff. Try experimenting them with dungarees. They turn out astounding and cute while your no more feel them boring.

11. Striped tee

Striped tees are forever versatile. They were, they are and they will be embattled for anyone and on any ocassion. This is one other basic way to style a dungaree: wearing with a striped tee. Need not say how cute, classy and lovely they look together. Out of them, striped crop tshirts are super swish!

12. Full sleeved crop top

Cropped fashion is not getting out of my nerves yet, I know same is the case with many of you. And then you find these full sleeved ones which are rare and stylish as hell, pair them with any of your dungarees and you are ready to go like you are attending a vogue interview!

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