Wonderful experience at Mystery Rooms Bangalore!

Before going to share our personal experience at Mystery room Bangalore, you should know what is mystery room.

Last weekend Team India fashion Blogger experienced this amazing game.

Totally we loved it!! we cannot even describe the fun and thrill we experienced at the Mystery Rooms. What a nail biting, spine chilling and yet fun-filled experience! Loved every moment of  the mission !!
The game was brilliantly designed and the entire gameplay was simply amazing. Initially I was little over confident about the mission but it was equally catchy and interesting.
We never realised that we spent 1 hour in the mission. Great place for family and friends to hangout together for couple of hours in some exciting activity.
Corporate teams will love and appreciate it even better. And they offer corporate packages too.
The situations and scenarios brings out the team bonding in a much better way. The dress code, the entire set up, the lighting and the sound gives you the feel of real time mission. The makers have really paid attention and have not left any stone unturned to make as close to reality. We have seen BIG BOSS episodes in TV but it was like one hour of similar experience. I’m definitely, definitely visiting again for other games.
If you are someone who like to get away from boredom of malls and traffic of Bangalore and you have 4-5 friends to join you for entirely different experience this is a must place to visit. MYSTERY ROOMS – Your entire team rocks!
Thanks Mystery rooms for a wonderful experience 🙂
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