10 Reasons why every home needs an essential oil diffuser!

We live in an incredibly busy world; going through the rush of life, frantically thinking about what we’ve got to do next. And, in the process, creating a farce assumption that this is how life has to be lived – in haste. But, this isn’t how it really has to be. Unfortunately such is the nature of our lifestyle, making it practically impossible to take a break from this spinning wheel of anxiety and stress.

Where does your respite come from – at the spas? Well, if you’ve got plans to throw away a major chunk of your income on the weekend revitalization sessions; then I am not stopping you. But, what if I tell you that you’ve got natural and economical alternatives just around you! If you are a proponent of natural lifestyle, then you’ve probably come across the prospects of essential oil diffusers for you inner health. If not, then here is what you should know!


Essential oil diffuser

Diffusers are handy little devices that diffuse the minute molecules of aroma in the essential oil into the air around us. When you inhale this scented air, the receptors of your nasal membranes stimulates you brain cells. A momentary inhalation of such serenity will leave you rejuvenated and the surrounding air blows of energy and freshness. The probable uses of these diffusers are many; from physical to mental wellness, but to keep things simpler, I’ve narrowed down on a significant few.


If you think that respiratory repair is the only plausible use of essential oils, then read on to surprise yourself! The continued inhalation of the healing fragrance wields its magic aroma to get rid of every issue with your body – from the harmless headaches to the excruciating cramps; here is your alternative to the regular pills!

  • Peppermint oil – nausea, allergic reactions, headache and migraine
  • Oregano – respiratory illness, menstrual cramps, heartburn
  • Sandalwood oil – sore throat


Do you find yourself distracted and restless? If you want some immediate therapy then diffuse the oils peppermint, pine or eucalyptus to increase your attention span! Let the aroma tickle your brain cells to put you at the top of your game!


Most of us believe in topical creams for pain relief. However, the essential oil diffusers have brought in a new trend!

  • Sprinkle the scents of  ginger, chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus, clary sage, rosemary or bergamot to combat sore muscles.


The buzz of the day has almost turned us into insomniacs. Such has been the impact of our sleep deprived lifestyle, that most of us find it hard to get those weary eyes to close for a 6 hour revitalization. Diffusing essential oils at the end of a tiresome day will ease your nerve cells to work in synergy and give your body ample rest for the day.

  • Diffuse a few drops of lavender, ylang ylang, vetiver and valerian for a good night’s sleep!


A day in the city never leaves you without injecting a syringe of stress. Stress has now become a daily dose of our lives that we are finding it difficult to find an antidote that doesn’t use dangerous chemicals to mess with your hormones. But, as usual, we’ve forgotten to look into our backyards!

  • The tiny droplets of  bergamot, chamomile, rose and frankincense are believed to diffuse the restlessness and anxiety in our body.
  • Pine and Jasmine oil defies depression


What a pricy health hazard are we spraying into our rooms? Resort to these natural cleansers over the heavy duty chemical purifiers to keep the pathogens at bay!

  • Basil – antimicrobial
  • Tea tree oil – battles it out with the bacteria and viruses
  • Ravinsara oil – keep the infectants at bay


The pesky pests of mosquitoes and flies always find a way into our rooms. Turning towards mosquito repellants have proven to be hazardous to human health as much as it is to these insects. So, why don’t we give these natural alternatives a try?

  • Clove, lemongrass and rosemary extracts are known to drive away these tiny critters back into the gutters.


We are all aware of the divinity behind the agarbathis but haven’t all gone through the nasal congestions owing to the smoke they give out? You pick a candle when light goes off. By the time you light it up and walk back to your desk, didn’t the wax spill burn your skin?

We no longer need to put up with such potent mishaps. Specifically if you’ve got little kids or pets around; diffuse any oil and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy!


Chemicals are a potent to human health. However, the urban living has imbibed chemicals from the very start of the day by dusting the air with can of room spray or by using insect repellants at night. This has created an illusion that life cannot move on in their absence. But the essential oil diffusers have got a different story. They are now in the market to grab the places of the chemical spray and medicines. They bring your backyard vegetation into your houses!


Pills and spray cans are pricy perils of the human health. Why would anyone invest a fortune for his own destruction; when he has got the plants outside knocking his doors of good health? Their overarching benefits will not only save up on your doctor bills but also tremendously lower your electricity consumption. Grab this handy little kit for a healthier you!

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