Things to expect in your 30’s whether you like it or not!

Aging is a completely natural and essential part of life. However, for women acceptance of aging is pretty difficult mentally and physically. But the truth is every single woman is going to age, and it’s time to stop feeling so bad about it. At the same time on the due course of aging its important that you keep up your personality, attitude and health updated.

1. Hangovers
Till mid 30’s drinking and partying all night would have been made you functional the next morning. But during your 30s this changes, women feel the after-effects of a hangover much more, making it less appealing to party hard, knowing that we will certainly pay for it the next day. Just be prepared properly for those of you who still want to go out and enjoy your nights. Eat healthy and make sure to drink lots of water.

2. Grey Hair
Women in their thirties start experiencing gray hair and it is difficult to embrace it. Don’t panic there are methods to prevent the growth of gray hair and presence of salons and spas make you keep the gray hair at bay. Grey hair is simply grey hair and does not by its virtue age a woman, but for some reason, it sure can feel that way.

3. Sunspots

In the thirties, you start noticing more of sunspots.  They usually appear on women’s faces as this is where the majority of sun damage can take place. These are usually harmless (see a doctor to be sure) and use herbal, organic products.

4. Hair Sprouts in Unwanted Places
Women in their thirties can have long gnarly black hairs sprouting from their chin. In an age where hair-free is the gold standard for women, it can be depressing to be plucking hairs each day. There are laser treatments that have proven to be very effective in the removal of unwanted body hair. These treatments can be very expensive and somewhat uncomfortable so many resorts to other cheaper forms of hair removal, like waxing.

5. Your Back Will Start to Hurt
Usually working full time and raising kids has made women completely overworked and exhausted. Thus a common body ache happens. but at times you feel more in your back. It sure does make one feel old when they have to grunt and groan to get out of bed in the morning and forget about getting up off the floor after you’ve gotten down. Get opinions from a nutritionist, eat a lot of iron and protein-based food. keep yourself fit by exercising and stretching

6. Stress of having more people dependent on you

Mentally at 30’s one is prone to stress especially for women the stress is double as she has to manage work in and out of home. You will start to feel that there are many people dependent on you and they expect a lot from you. It is true that one is bound to have families and live in a society. But the same shouldn’t rule your individuality and self work. One has to learn to manage both. Yoga and meditation would do some relief. Weekend outings and vacation trips to your favorite places with your loved ones will heal your constant pressure and stress.

7. Focus less on self more on family/work

In your 30’s having a family and a job makes you concentrate more on those two than your own self. Due to which your mental and physical health slows down. Monthly appointment with your doctor becomes weekly. One at this point should understand that its your life, live the way you want, give yourself importance and time than anything else.

8. Slow metabolism and Prone to weight gain

The above two points becomes one of the foremost reason of slow metabolism. Added to this is ageing phenomenon. Change in metabolism, slow digestion can lead to weight gain. These have become one of the common phenomenon in 21st century ladies. When you see a bad change in your body it is important that you see the reason behind the change and cure it.

9. You Can Enter Perimenopause

Perimenopause is a period before menopause. This period mostly affects women in their forties but there are chances to get this in mid or late thirties. At this period your body naturally starts the transition towards infertility. You can experience internal aging.  Menstrual irregularity, mood changes, sleepless night and hot flashes affect women at this stage so it is very necessary to keep your mind and body healthy and strong.

Just remember that all these changes are common facts, there is no need of panic, make sure your body and mind are under your control. Look more in this blog you will find solutions to the above problems.


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