8 Cost effective ways to decorate your room!

Room Decor

Sometimes, the simplest of changes revamp the entire world around you. Not everybody will have the means to shell out big bucks on their living space when getting a space is by itself a pricey affair. What if you were a student or a recent graduate who’d just stepped out of your den into the real world of business? Would you have what it takes to decorate your home with all the beautiful things you’ve wanted to? Improbable! But the crux of some awe-inspiring interiors is not merely money but a tint of talent and lot of effort. Here is your room-decor cheat sheet to the most beautiful interiors without costing you a fortune!


The generic mistake of every home is to line your furniture by the wall. It’s your furniture and not a wallflower to have it skirt the edges of your rooms. Move them away from the wall, towards the centre of your living space to create an intimate setting. This creates a lot of room around and the remaining space could be used to host a lampshade. This is the classic arrangement behind every room-decor idea.


Jewelry organizer
Jewelry Organizer

Room-decor is not merely furniture and walls and carpets. Sometimes what’s in your shelves may also be enough for a decoration of splendour. After all, who knew that something as simple as displaying your jewellery on the wall or on a table might work magic! We Indians are known for our love on the aesthetic earrings and necklaces. So, why do you have it clutter the confines of a box? Bring them out and let them do their magic in all grandeur!


DIY Jewellry Organizer
DIY jewellry organizer by gurl.com

Things you need:

  • Wooden rods
  • A sheet of cork material
  • Wired mesh
  • Thumb pins

The Design:

  1. Cut out the cork material into a shape of your choice
  2. Wrap the cork in a wired mesh
  3. Bound the edges of the cork with pieces of thick wooden rods
  4. Cover up the rods in a paper of your theme or paint it in a colour of your choice.
  5. Now stick it up on your wall or mount it on the table
  6. Use a pin to hang a chain or the mesh if it’s just a pair of earrings.
  7. Put up your sparkly pieces of jewellery for a bedazzling wall art!


Grab a small cup or simply cut one out of your everyday plastic bottles and paint it to your heart’s desire. Fill it up with mud and plant some aloe or coriander leaves. Place these brightly coloured pots atop your tables or somewhere between a properly arrayed book stack or by the kitchen table to break the monotone. Grow a kitchen garden within your premises!


Washi tape frames
Washi tape frames by Chatelaine

Decorate the walls by putting up posters. Aren’t able to find one? Just take a print out of something that keeps you inspire and tugs to your heart strings. Now paste the posters on your wall and array it in your own style. But, wait! How will a mere sheet of paper decorate the wall? No, it won’t. But if you could run a colourful washi tape around the picture on the wall; you need no frames, I tell you!


LED string photo clips
LED string photo clips

Framing pictures in those classic wooden or glass frames are now outdated. Add some vibrancy to your picturesque memories. Wondering, how? When even something as subtle and simple as a picture frame costs you a couple of hundreds, wouldn’t adding a dash of light cost a fortune? Absolutely, not! Simply paste a wire on one end of the wall and run it over in a pattern of your fancy. Now, add some LED’s and pin your photographs with something as simple as a clothes pin! If you’ve got a little more of patience then, I would suggest you to design your own LED wire string, because it isn’t something that only the greats of the physicists can do. When you create one yourself you can use it at many other places!


Posters and photographs would already be enough to do the trick. But if you’ve still got some room and a little of patience, you could create one museum piece that is sold for thousands of rupees but done in under 10 rupees; with only the things lying around your room.


Wall hanging
DIY Hanging Picture Display by Lily Ardor

Things you need:

  • Clay
  • Beads
  • Yarn
  • A wooden rod
  • Photographs

The Design:

  1. Roll the clay into a shape of your choice and pierce 2 holes. Microwave the shaped clay in an oven.
  2. Paint the wooden rod in a colour of your choice.
  3. Tie 5 strings of yarn on the rod and let the other end fall free
  4. Now stick as many pictures as you’d want across the length of the string.
  5. Take the free end of your string and put it through the micro-waved clay pieces and the beads.
  6. Cut out the remaining string and add a tassel or a simple flab of cotton to finish it off in style.


Paper decor for the walls
Paper decor by Belinda Selene

If you find your walls boring and do not wish to splurge on paints, let alone the initial coats of primer; papers will do the job! Simply grab papers of the same shape or probably any shape and stick it on your walls. Leave no space uncovered. Now step back and see the magic you’ve created!



Consider replacing your conventional bed-sheets with a duvet or comforter that perfectly resonates with your style theme.

LED headboard

Also consider creating a headboard if you’ve got a little of space and a tad of an artist in you! If you are too tired of cutting and painting, then resort to the classic LED decoration strategy (like for your photograph display, above). Run the wires in a shape of your choice and set it aglow. Who needs a night lamp anymore? Revamp your relaxing space in pure style!

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