8 Changes to make around your house to reduce stress!

After a tough day at work, all one desires is to just get home and just fall onto their bed. That’s good enough to regain physical energy, mental energy can only be regained by letting that stress go away. Your environment, the things around you, the color scheme, furniture; everything affects your mood and the way you think. You spend a minimum of 10 hours inside your house. The interior of it has a huge effect on your peace of mind.

Here’s what you can do to create a more positive environment and bring more peace:

1. Let more natural light enter the house
Thick curtain might be the one to blame when it comes to adding stress in your life. Blocking out sunlight, making the room really dark will only pile up your tension. It’s better to let more light enter your house. This can be done by either having blinds which go up all the way or white mold in place of thick drapes.

2. Rearranging furniture
Sometimes, you just need a change. If there’s not much that you want to buy to redecorate your house, just move your furniture a little to create change. If you’re seeing things changing around you, it might even bring you another perspective on things.

3. Color scheme different for each room
Now no one wants all rooms to look the same and have the same color scheme. It’s good to play around with colors! You want some rooms to be vibrant whereas some to bring you calmness. It’s important to make sure that you’re balancing colors, pairing dark with light colors; no one wants a see-saw. Make sure that this balance also includes the color of your furniture.

4. Bring the outdoors in
It’s a noted fact that bringing in plants reduces stress levels. You can bring in various kinds of plants, small or big, depending on available space (make sure it doesn’t crowd your room). Buy fresh flowers as it provides us with natural beauty, bringing down our stress levels.

5. Tech-free area
This growing techno world has all of us engaged in our screens the entire time. Constantly having to focus on screens also builds up restlessness. Have a space in your house that you call tech-free, walk around without your phone or any other gadget. Believe me, this will make you feel a whole lot better.

6. Create space
Ask yourself if you need THAT much stuff in your room. Less is more! Painting your walls a light color will also make your room feel spacious.

7. Create a spiritual entrance
It’s always good to enter your house and find positivity right at the door. obviously, if you have a pet, I’m pretty sure you’re greeted well! Having something aesthetic or of spiritual value right in the hallway will bring you peace when you enter.

8. Get personal

Hanging photos on the wall, things you like, photo frames of people who inspire you or pictures of your loved ones; all of this will bring a more positive vibe to your home and it’ll leave you feeling better. Make sure that all of this is done with neatness and is not too overpowering.

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