11 ways to pamper yourself!

When was the last time you went on a date with yourself?  No,running an errand does not count.When was the last time you treated yourself better?

Many moons ago? or maybe never ?
In this deadly planet,why do we all live like zombies? eating dead meat and burning dead trees?                             When was really the last time you  looked at yourself in the mirror,not for wearing your makeup but for looking at yourself, the person you used to be.
Think about it this way,do we give our body what it needs? or do we trick ourselves into believing this is what we want.
when was the last time you really felt like yourself?
Each part of your body needs its light. Why not take a day or an half just to give back to your body?
Start listening to your body,start talking to it  and ask what it wants.If you don’t hear from it, then this post will help you learn the language it speaks.
Apart from the Saturday night parties and the weekend cheats there’s so much more to the weekend
spending time for yourself is basic, in this bizarre world ,we have no idea what we are up to or what we are here for.



Before you run to buy an expensive skin care regime or beauty fix,try these product-free approaches for making your skin more alive than ever

1-FACE:                                                                                                                                                                                            Cleanse your face three times a day and remember splashing your face with hot water can strip natural oils so make sure you know your level of ‘lukewarm’ and rinse your face gently.                                                                                   Moisturize within three minutes of washing your face to keep your skin hydrated.


Your skin is made up of cells,which is made up of water. If you don’t drink enough water your skin starts getting dehydrated and that’s where everything begins. You can also try the infused water for added flavor and nutrients.
Drink a glass or two in empty stomach half an hour before  breakfast for a better start.

A glass  or two before lunch for proper digestion.
A glass or two during dawn  for regaining your lost cells.
And lemon and water before bed for proper metabolism.


Eat a lot of vitamin rich food for a better life and make sure at least one meal of your day is actually healthy.
In this ‘machine eating man’ world it is definitely hard to make sure all your meals are perfectly healthy but let’s start with at least one.  A smoothie with breakfast can be a great way to get your daily doses of vitamins to maintain your skin. Once you start this routine you will give birth to a better skin and a better life

Facial yoga is an alternate for anti-aging regimes and Botox.The exercise is performed by making various face expressions and massaging with your fingertips.They work through each layer of your skin and improve your skin from eye bags to loose jowls.
Do facial yoga 20 mins each day for a souped up life.

Here you go for a short video-



5-BEAUTY REST:                                                                                                                                                                     Sleep does have an effect on how we perceive beauty.More sleep,however improves your skin’s natural glow,elasticity and transparency.

Here’s how to improve your beauty sleep :                                                                                                                                        1. Avoid eating sugar/caffeine before bed.                                                                                                                               2.Keep the smartphone or laptop outside your bedroom.                                                                                                               3.Keep your room dark and cool and use cotton sheets that breathe easy.                                                                               4.Shower before you go to bed for a peaceful sleep routine.


6-HAIR :
Hair is every girl’s possession and we all long for healthy glossy hair without making any efforts. We try to cut the line by buying expensive shampoos and conditioners magically expecting our hair to be fixed after using them.
But let me break it to you some shampoos can turn your hair glossy or shiny but nothing can repair your hair from root to tip.
Your hair’s health is based more on what you feed your body rather than how much care you take in combing your hair or how you dry them.
Taking proper care of your hair has so much to it.

1.Trim it regularly :
I know it breaks your heart to cut down your long Rapunzel hair you have been growing for years but it is highly recommended for your hair to be cut every six months for an undamaged journey.There is this interesting myth I came across that whenever people wanted to restart their lives the first thing they tend to do was to cut down their hair and it is proved that it actually helped. It is believed that each lock of your hair holds back memories
and traumatizes you by constantly reminding you of your past and once you chop them off your heart feels light ready for a fresh start.
So yes, try it.You need not cut it all down but trim it an inch or an half for desirable hair.
2.Hair masks :
Hair masks need not be always some expensive product shown in the commercials.I would strongly suggest you to reach for the coconut/olive/almond oil as the go-to.
You can oil your hair through the night and wash it off the next morning for naturally moisturized  and repaired hair
or you can go for the DO-IT-YOURSELF masks with natural ingredients rather than buying them.


7-LIGHT YOGA : Light yoga on rest days will leave you completely energized. You will regain  your lost vibe and energy  through yoga.Yoga will recharge your mind and soul and prepare you for a better future.

8.FACE MASK :                                                                                                                                                                    Treat your skin to a home-made honey and Avocado mask or you can just use honey and oatmeal or any other DO-IT-YOURSELF masks for nourished skin.And you can also try the seas-salt scrub before you apply your mask for a much vibrant skin

Save the lattes for once a week treat rather than consuming it every day which will induce anxiety threats.Treat your body well with green/black tea instead.
You can do your cardio at least once a week if you are not a fitness person. It need not always be exercise, you can also jam your favorite song and dance till your fats drain.
11.RELAX :
You can sign up for a whole body massage or take a long dip in the pool or spend the day in your tub and restore all that your body has lost and give back what it has given you.

Your body deserves more than what you think they deserve.So follow this daily and weekly routines and treat your body the way it should be.


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