Don’t do 10 mistakes with your skin!

Healthy and glowing skin is a reflection of overall wellness.

To look beautiful, you should take care of your skin. You face is the mirror of your personality and your skin make it beautiful. If your skin is not healthy then there would be no glow on your face. Avoid these mistakes which many women generally do:

Choose wrong sunscreen

Sunrays impact your skin pretty badly. It ages down the skin and start showing person older than their age. I know people who suffered from wrinkle because of too much sunrays. To protect you skin from sunrays you should always use good quality of sunscreen. The sunscreen which has good UVA protection and 30-50 SPF.

Do not apply sunscreen in shade

Ultra violet rays of sun can harm your skin in open as well as in shades. It can impact your skin via window mirror of cars. UVA 50% impact is also in shades. So make sunscreen your good friend and apply it on your skin through out the year. That time also when you are in office or at home.

Lack of cleaning

Uses of soap on face make facial skin dry. The face skin is soft so you should use soap-less product on the face.

Insufficient sleep

Insufficient sleep is one of the big reason for face wrinkles. Because of insufficient sleep body excrete tension creating hormones, that cause glow less skin, wrinkles and dark circles around eyes. To escape from these you have to make proper sleeping routine. Atleast 6-8 hrs sleep is necessary for every person. For glowing skin you should take atleast 6-8 hrs sleep daily.

Drink less water

The skin is made up of that kind of cells which require lots of water. If you drink less water than required, your skin will be dry after some time and you’ll start getting wrinkles on skin. To avoid this type of problem you should drink sufficient water.

Choose wrong cosmetics

Don’t choose cosmetics on the basis of advertisement. You should buy cosmetics which suits your skin and which is according to need of your skin.

Self solution

Many ladies start applying things on their skin by deciding for themselves or on the basis of advice of shopkeeper. This causes serious problems later. Every skin is unique in nature, without any proper guidance don’t apply anything on your face. You should take advice from the right person or beautician you trust.

Junk food in diet

Now a days not only children but adult adore junk food. They don’t know that junk food is so much harmful for the skin. Because of this junk food, lot of nutrients decreases in our body. In order to get glowing skin you should avoid junk food completely. You should take proper diet for healthy skin and body.

Don’t use Sun glasses

If you want to avoid dark circles around your eyes, you should wear sun glass whenever you go outside in sun rays. Sun glasses is not only a fashion accessory but a necessity in such high UV sun-rays.

I hope you loved this post of skin care. Make sure you don’t do any of the above mistakes. I consciously try that daily 🙂

Stay beautiful, stay sexy.


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