Don’t buy these cosmetics products!

I always wondered if someone could remember all the cosmetics name that I see. There are just too many…

Cosmetics to look beautiful, to get fair skin , get rid of dandruff, get rid of pimples etc etc. The advertisement of these products play game with us. They promised us to do a lot of desirable things and In this pursuit of beauty we buy many useless cosmetic products.

India Fashion Blogger team decided to remove all these advertising mess and giving you a list of cosmetics products, you shouldn’t use:

1- Split End treatment – There are some products which promises us that if we use those products then we will get rid of the split end hair problem. But trust me, there is no product who can do this, you have to trim your hair in regular interval to get split free hair.

2- Hand cream, foot cream, body cream- In market you can find many products, and they are divided specifically for hand, body foot etc. You should know that all moisturizing lotion and cream works in the same way, so you can use one single product all over the body.

3- Dandruff Shampoo- There are lots of anti dandruff shampoo in the market, but if you are suffering from dandruff then you should visit a doctor and take a good anti dandruff shampoo as per the prescription. These market anti dandruff shampoos does not help in get rid of the problem, instead they dry your scalp further.

4- Lip balm- Some lip balm helps in softening your lip but most of them dry it. So best option is go vaseline gel or massage your lip with a mixture of beeswax & olive oil or coconut oil.

5- Shaving cream- The role of shaving cream to soften the hair follicles and help the razor to slip over the skin. But you should know there is more glycerol and moisturizing substance in shower gel than shaving cream, so you can easily say Goodbye to shaving creams.

6- Cellulite cream- Here we are debunking your cellulite cream myths too. There are only two things which can really fight with cellulite on the buttocks or thigh: an active lifestyle and healthy diet.

7- Tissue mask- We are not saying that tissue mask are useless. They make you beautiful on special occasion, but mostly they absorbed extra oil and moisturize your skin. You can get the same effect by using your cream.

Hope you loved the post.


Team India Fashion Blogger!

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