15 things that girls love to do when they are alone!

Solitude and isolation can mean different things to different people and even within that, the meanings keep getting constantly altered. There’s no time like me time and to that end, here is a list of 15 things that girls love doing when they are all alone. Go ahead and uncover the mystery of what ‘alone time’ really means.

1. Binge cheating – I do it, you do it, everybody does it. Binge cheating happens when a girl is completely alone and she craves things that she normally doesn’t indulge in. A few packets of chips or chocolate chip cookies, every weakness is satisfied without any guilt at that moment.

2. Snap and flash – 10 photos, 30? Who’s counting anyway. When alone, there arises this tendency within girls to take as many flattering pictures of themselves that they possibly could. This saves them from the narcissistic tag and from any probable embarrassment too. Solitude brings the best pictures, there we said it.

3. Dance it out – From salsa to belly dancing every girl has danced it out in front of the mirror with great zeal and enthusiasm. When boredom strikes, dancing becomes the perfect balance between doing some physical activity and having some fun. Every girl from the age of three till however old they go have danced not only for themselves but also for a perceived imaginary audience of their own.

4. Netflix and chill – A bed, a blanket, a cushy pillow, a laptop and all the snacks that one could possibly find. Nothing spells perfection like that. Every girl loves her downtime when she isn’t answerable to anybody around her and when she can lounge around in the bed all day. Watching romcoms and shows on repeat just makes it better.

5. Walk the talk – Every girl has those fun moments when she rummages through her wardrobe for all kinds of outfits, tries them on and walks as though she’s walking on a ramp. And why ever not, every path that she walks on is her ramp to own. Mixing and matching, prancing and pouting, trying on clothes never gets old.

6. Virtual lessons, real-time struggles – Searching all over the internet, watching tutorials and videos and learning several new kinds of hairdo’s, makeup techniques and fashion trends translates to hours of effort trying to replicate them. At one end it becomes fun, while on the other end, it becomes laborious torture trying to learn something new. However, beginning from easy DIY hair hacks to smoky eye tutorials, every girl has been through it.

7. Sound of Music – Singing with your earphones on and not realising how loud you are? Every girl has been there and done that. However, it doesn’t stop at that. When nobody is around, off come the earphones and louder grows the voice. Be it a singing sensation in the shower or a dulcet voice in the day, girls belt out tunes like no other.

8. Bake it and make it – Girls love being able to whip things up in the kitchen and experiment with different ingredients and dishes. Boredom and baking go well together as you will find girls rummaging through the shelves looking for all kinds of things to cook or bake with.

9. Explore – Quite simply put, girls love to travel and to explore. Without any constraints, without people holding them back, without any problems or roadblocks in their way, they love being set free. Taking everything in, absorbing everything around them, feeling the pure sense of freedom, that’s what they love to do.

10. Pamper themselves – Girls love to be pampered and to be taken care of occasionally. And when they’re alone, they seize the moment to give themselves a true sense of relaxation. Either rushing to the nearest spa or creating a DIY spa day, nothing says relaxation like a long soak in the tub with some good music.

11. Shop till they drop – This had to make it to the list as shopping alone is one of the best kinds of shopping. Without people commenting on how long the process is taking or unnecessary delays along their way, every girl loves being free to shop to her heart’s content. Going from store to store, trying on everything she desires and buying all that she likes, retail therapy is a girl’s best friend indeed.

12. Make plans – Inevitably, the thought of making plans crosses the mind of every girl and they comply by making plans of any and all kinds for occasions, however far away they may be. Making plans may be a tedious process, but they enjoy every minute of it. Especially, if those plans may translate into a surprise for somebody they love.

13. Search and research – The internet becomes their treasure troves as girls seek the answers to everything. From the big bang theory to Angelina Jolie’s address, nothing escapes their realm of curiosity as they sit and google everything their minds range upon. Mostly digressing onto websites for shopping, their search history increases by leaps and bounds when girls are found to be alone.

14. Converse and worse – Pretend conversations in their mind, pretend conversations out loud. Without admitting to it, most girls have had these conversations when they win arguments against people they don’t entirely like and say things to people they absolutely love. Whatever happens in these conversations is beyond our awareness, although, the girls always always get the better of it.

15. Looking and stalking – This happens to the best of us. When left alone with nothing to do and an internet connection, stalking becomes every girl’s new best friend. Be it celebrities, neighbour, frenemies or crushes, nobody escapes the stalk radar. From one page to one post, from one person to one tweet, everything is scanned. It is the best place to get gossip and girls don’t complain.

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