7 tips to stop the ageing process or wrinkles!

Wrinkles! the one scariest thing that’s coming down our ways someday. Our skin has an outer and an inner layer, wrinkles tend to start happening from the inside. as we age our body becomes weak and produces less collagen which makes our skin loose its plump and elastic nature and naturally sags it a bit every day. Though this is a natural process it is supposed to only hit us in our old age and not in our 20s and 30s. There is much more cause of wrinkles than that of nature, it is indeed the pollution, sun damage, dehydration and poor nutrition.


Here are a few ways that can help you restore your natural supple skin and prevent wrinkles.

1-Gelatin :


Wrinkles happen due to the less production of collagen. but wait, do you know what gelatin is made of? oh yes, the same collagen but in a cooked form. so by adding gelatin to your diet you can easily restore your lost collagen and get back your fresh and healthy skin back.

2-Sleep :

Apart from all the supplements, you take for anti-wrinkles and anti-aging, there’s no better cure than a well-rested body, sleep is what determines how your skin ought to be. so by getting proper amounts of sleep, you age a less and your skin grows old lesser. so what are you waiting for? just go to bed already!

3-Moisturize :

Moisturizing is the only answer to all your skin problems. Do not let your skin dry or run out of juice, flaky skin damage can go a long way, whether you feel like it or not always moisturize! moisturize! moisturize!

Moisturizing is the holy grail of skin care.

4-Screen your skin :

Sun can simply eat all the good in your skin, it loves feeding off humans and turns them dry and damaged. so don’t take your chances, always wear a sunblock whenever you go outside, even if it isn’t that sunny, you never underestimate what it can do. also, choose a non-toxic sunscreen which is skin friendly and effective.

5-Coconut oil :

Coconut oil is one solution to all your problems, I personally use coconut oil on a regular basis, it not only makes your skin feel good but it also shows great results. It restores all the damage and makes you feel like you have just been born again.

6-Antioxidants :

Eat a lot of anti-oxidant rich food to prevent wrinkles, blueberries, spinach, kale, cranberries, walnuts, kiwis, prunes and all the green veggies and fruits have all the anti-oxidants filled in them. So if you want the wrinkles gone, you better start eating healthy.

7-Hydration :

The basic thing you need to do is drink water a lot, make it a habit to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. Hydration comes first when it comes to maintaining your body and skin and all parts healthy and living. Water not only keeps you moisturized but also flushes all the toxins in your body. Grab a bottle and start chugging.

Wrinkles don’t disappear on their own, you have to do all it takes to maintain your skin with the utmost care. Healthy skin only means happy you! so start showing it some love. And Say bye bye to ageing. 🙂

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