7 Non-sticky moisturisers to your rescue

                                                                        ” Your body is a wonderland “

Your skin holds everything together and there’s not a lot that we give back to them for what they do throughout the life, we spend hours on every little pore that’s on our face but not a lot on our body. Did you know that the greatest thing that you can ever give them is moisture, now you see where I’m getting to? Moisturizing, I have always stressed on the moisturizing part, well that’s what holds us in one.

a soft skin is a holy grail, it lets you feel brighter and cheerful. with enough moisturize your body puts up with you a little longer than usual, it keeps you fresh and protected. So don’t forget to pump enough moisturizer for all your bodily needs.

When it comes to Indian summer and winter, it always comes in extremes, its either too cold and dries you out or it is either too hot and sweats you whole. So when it comes to picking a moisturizer it is all about choosing a product that isn’t greasy or solvable and with a million moisturizer everywhere it is the biggest battle of them all. So here we are to help you make your choice by narrowing down to 7 non-sticky moisturizers that you can worship all year long.

1-Vaseline Aloe Fresh:

Something about aloe vera feels like home and need I say about Vaseline’s products? so with two of the best products together it is definitely a win. Vaseline’s aloe fresh does what it says it does leave you fresh and greaseless. It quickly gets absorbed and keeps your skin moisturized, it also feels light and makes you feel like you are a plant yourself.

2-Clean & Clear Skin Balancing Moisturiser : 

This is exactly what you need in your life if you have combination skin. This clean and clear moisturizer is oil free and keeps everything under control. You can hit the sun and not feel layers dripping. And no oil can only mean more win-win!

3-Himalaya Nourishing Body Lotion:

Himalaya’s moisturizers are my personal favourite, they are best filled with a bottle. They are not sticky and skin friendly because of their natural products. They nourish your skin and keeps moisture locked throughout the day.

4-Johnson’s Baby Milk Lotion:

No, this is not a typo. yes, I have this crazy obsession over baby moisturizers and I have used them all and let me tell you it works for us too, it has natural ingredients and keeps you moisturized beyond the layers it also smells like babies and heaven. So next time you are in a baby aisle don’t skip it, go haul it.

5-Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Lotion:


Biotique not only protects your layers but also restores all the lost moisture over the night and feeds your skin all its nectar. It is also non-greasy and is easily fed right through. The morning nectar is sure a treat for your skin keeping it fed throughout the day.

6-The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion:

oh, my! I had you at just the name right? Cocoa butter is all that your skin needs to grow and glow. The body shop moisturizers have sunflower seed oil which makes it twice as good. It smells of cocoa, is rich in goodness, seals moisture and improves texture too.

7-Lush Moisturizing Body Lotion(The sympathy for skin):

Handmade products have a special touch to it, they are refreshing and smell amazing. Lush moisturizers are packed with organic bananas, cocoa, almond oil and vanilla bean that turns your skin into feathery wings. Though it is thick and creamy it is easily absorbed and cools your skin and leaves it perfectly moisturized and healthy.

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