8 easy steps to take care of your soft and pink lip!

In winter, your lip need extra care to maintain their softness. Find some easy ways to take care of your lip-

1- In morning, at the time of brushing your teeth, rub your lip also softly with your brush to get rid of dryness.

2- Apply daily in the morning, vaseline petroleum jelly to moisturise your lip.

3- You can use lip scrub also to remove dryness of your lip.

4-Don’t forget to apply lip balm or vaseline daily before going to bed.

5- Olive oil or jojoba oil is also a good moisturiser for your lip. Apply it daily.

6- Do lip exfoliation in regular interval. Check complete post on lip exfoliation here. ( Natural lip plumper)

7- Use sugar and olive oil mixture as a natural lip scrub.

8- Apply lemon juice on your lip to maintain the pink color of the lip.



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