Beauty tips for your wedding week!

Is your wedding a week away? Here is some beauty tips for your wedding week.

1-Fitness- Make schedule for your workout. It will keep your body as well as your mind healthy during the chaos of wedding.

2- Facial – Do facial to keep your skin soft and glowing. You can also take bridal beauty plan from parlour.

3- Sun block- Stop going outdoor a week before your wedding. If it is urgent to go then make sure you apply a good SPF sunscreen.

5- Exfoliation- Start exfoliating your skin with natural products.

6- Sleeping beauty- Take sound sleep regularly.

7- Don’t do experiment with your skin. Follow your regular skincare routine.

8-Diet – Make a healthy diet plan and stick to that.

9- Hair spa- Take a good hair spa.

10- Manicure & Pedicure.

Get some bridal beauty tips here.

Hope the post will be helpful in your wedding preparation.

Till our next post stay sexy stay beautiful.



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