Azafran Organics- Aqua Halo Skin Rejuvenating Body Cleanser- Review  

There’s something so alluring about bathing products, isn’t there? No matter how many products you have to satisfy your cleaning need, there’s always something new, fresh product in the shelve and you simply cannot resist from adding it to your collection.

As much as there’s an abundance of bathing products out there to choose from, it is important to choose the one that is just right for your skin.

Here’s my review of ‘Azafran Aqua Halo Skin Rejuvenating Body Cleanser’ a bathing product that I cannot resist myself going back to.

The Product: Azafran Aqua Halo Skin Rejuvenating Body Cleanser



This bathing product by Azafran Organics is designed to gently nourish the skin by rehydrating it. The Aqua Halo body wash is made using 80% organic and chemical free ingredients and maintains the pH balance of your skin in check.

Contents and Packaging

This remarkable body cleanser comes in a compact tube with shades of white and blue, the packing itself feels extremely light and refreshing. The tube contains each and every detail about the product.

As for the contents, Aqua Halo Skin Rejuvenating body cleanser is made up of 80% organic ingredients including coconut oil, sunflower oil and castor oil designed to hydrate, moisture the skin, making it soft and revived. The usage of glyceryl makes the product a little sticky and the smell might come off as strong to some users, however, some users like myself find it quite comfortable.

How to use

Pour the desired amount of the product onto your palms or on a loofah/body sponge, whichever option you prefer and gently massage the product over your skin, rinse it off with water and voila, welcome smooth skin.

Why this product?

If you are a person who is always on the hunt for chemical free products Azafran might just be your go-to brand, they are known to employ organic ingredients in their product.

This company is known to employ organic ingredients in their product. The Aqua Halo body wash is 100% soap free and made up of up to 80% organic ingredients, this body wash cleanses and hydrates and keeps your skin safe from the attack of harmful chemicals!

Final Thoughts on the products

As a person who is constantly on the hunt for a minimalistic chemically based product, I find Azafran’s Aqua Halo Skin Rejuvenating body cleanser a boon for my skin. The organic ingredients invested in this product works splendidly on making my skin feel refreshed, the minimal production of foam earns Aqua Halo an extra point. It is extremely convenient to use and you will find yourself enjoying bath time more with this product.

Highlighted Features Of the product  

  • Up to 80% ingredients are sourced from organic farming
  • 100% soap free
  • Aqua Halo skin rejuvenating is suitable for all skin types
  • Does not produce excessive foam while using
  • Aqua Halo hydrates the skin
  • And it maintains the moisture and pH value of the skin

Try this product for yourself and let us know your thoughts!

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