M.A.C. Mineralize Lipsticks review!

The product range that has revolutionised the world of beauty and makeup and come forth with different ranges of lipsticks, mascaras and concealers that women all over the world lust over, M.A.C. came up with its range of Mineralize lipsticks which were launched worldwide in 2013, since then lip care has not quite been the same.

With lipsticks designed to protect your lips, prevent chapping of lips, hydrate, soften and colour them in exquisite shades of your desire. Presenting some of the most gorgeous shades that can brighten your day and lead on till a fun and flirty evening date, this lipstick range is perfect for women all around.

Here is taking a look at their highs and lows.

The Pros –

The M.A.C. mineralize range comes forth with lovely velvet textured lipsticks that are not only smooth but blend beautifully on your lips to give you the shade, tint and feel that you desire.

This creamy vanilla scented shades come in gorgeous colours, each better than the other and looks exquisite even without a trace of makeup on your face. From shades that work like a charm and make you look like a summer beauty during the day to shades that light up your night and make you the quintessential diva, these shades have them all.

Coming in a size slightly larger than your usual shades, this gives you the perfect opportunity to indulge your lips in perfect lipstick luxury.

Long lasting as all M.A.C lipsticks go, these shades nourish and hydrate your lips as well such that chapping becomes something that you don’t ever have to experience.

Packaged perfectly in the characteristic black M.A.C. lipstick boxes, these lipsticks render quite a few uses and give you the rich colour that you have been looking for.

The Cons –

A little towards the expensive side, these lipsticks are higher than your usual M.A.C. products and might become quite a splurge for you.

The shades that we are lusting over –

Everyday Diva – The shade that spells out scarlet vixen like no other, bring out your black stilettos and get ready for a night out in town as you get geared up to rule the streets with the colour that plays on your lips.

Splurge – Pretty in pink says it all. This shade with its subtlety is perfect for a summer date or a fun day out with your girlfriends. Just apply it to your lips and let the colour do the talking.



Posh Tone – The most elegant nude shade that you will ever come across, this shade gives you the barely-there yet striking colour that gives you an edge be it at work or play.


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