DIY remedies to take care of your beautiful eyes!

“The eye is the mirror of the soul.”

You walk into a room full of people, smile and take a seat for yourself. How much do you expect to have been judged within this short span of non-verbal communication? You will be pleasantly surprised to know that you’ve already framed your first impression. No, it isn’t about your clothes. But, your eyes!

These pupil confines are the front porch to our soul; often giving away more than what was actually said. So, don’t you think these tiny pearls of your face deserve some love and pampering to at least look like they’ve had a great sleep? Here is a guidebook to naturally brighter and younger looking eyes that has them aging backward.


We are engrossed in moisturizing our hands and feet, that we have become oblivious to the fact that our eyes need some water too! A dry patch of skin around the eye is prone to crack and wrinkles when not taken care off. The hydrating properties of almond oil keep the patch of skin under your eyes moisturized. With rigorous usage, you might ward off dark circles and ease those puffy eye bags as well. If you don’t have almond oil at your reach, then the regular coconut oil/milk also makes for a good alternative.


Herbal tea bags are enriched with remedial properties; specifically green tea and chamomile tea. Drop some used tea bags in a refrigerator and let it chill for around 5 minutes. Take them out and rest the damp bags of tea powder over your puffy eyes. 10 minutes into your beauty sleep, you will start sensing the tannins in the tea playing their tricks. They serve as a cool compress and reduce the swelling. If you haven’t got a tea bag at home, you could always use what’s in your kitchen – cucumber/potato slices or even grated mint leaves!


Caking your eyes with coats of foundation and concealer might have adverse effects. The chemicals might collect into the wrinkles in the skin around the eye, making it vulnerable to damage. Makeup has become almost unavoidable. For some, it is the nature of our work while for others, it is who they are. Disregardful of the amount of makeup you use, make it a point to clear every ounce of the scented paint off your eyes before sleep. This is probably the least you could do if makeup is a significant part of your routine.


Beauty sleep is not merely a phrase but an actual way of living our everyday life! Our body regenerates dead cells, after a series of metabolic changes in the system. When you mess with your sleep schedule, you disrupt your biological clock; inherently causing your body to feel sore, heavy and tired. And, who do you think is a good reflector of your inner biology? It is your eyes again!


Every time you squint your eye on your walk down the road, you are creating a framework for a wrinkle to appear. Wear a sunglass on every bright day out and protect your eyes from the UV rays. Keep up a religious sunscreen routine for your eye, just the way you follow up on your hands. What’s more, when you could protect your eyes in many styles!

And, the next time you stop by at the mall, captivated by the scented aromas of the plush bottles of serums and eye creams that suggest having magical results in no time; stop on your tracks and consider what you’ve got back at home, with no exorbitant price tags.

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