Hair care routine for shiny and silky hair!

To nurture your locks and to turn them healthy we are here to offer you a hair care routine.


1.Go satin :

It is best to use satin sheets and pillow covers as it does not absorb moisture. Cotton sheets usually drink in moisture from your hair,especially the tips than the scalp as it is in direct contact leaving your hair extremely dry the next morning.

Well, now you know how you magically wake up with split ends.

2.Braids are a girl’s best friend :

Apart from braids being a life savior during the day they aren’t your rescuer after dark.Braiding your hair to bed may break your strands as you toss and turn. But if you prefer the heat less curls fashion its better to use a  scrunchy and braid it a little looser than usual.

3.Your scalp needs a Massage :

You need not spend a fortune over hair spa when your hands are the best masseur. Gently massaging your hair before bed every day will stimulate hair growth .You can oil and massage your scalp and leave it overnight for moisturized luscious locks.It is needful to oil your hair regularly to restore.

4.Don’t let it fall :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Letting your hair fall free over your face affect both your hair and face.Using satin hair scarves will keep your hair out of your face. You can also wear your hair as a bun with a scrunchy or use bobby pins to neatly secure it to reduce breakage.


5.Brush your hair before bed:

You need not brush it hundred times a day but its better to hit the sheets tangle free.Natural oil secreted by your scalp is what keeps your hair luscious.Using a wide tooth comb to brush from root to tips will help your natural oil reach your tips soon.

6.Washing your hair before bed :

Did you know that the best time to wash your hair is at night. But Make sure you don’t go to bed wet. Wash your hair after dawn when the dust has settled and air dry it naturally for admirable tresses.



1. Fight the tangles :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Brush your hair and remove the tangles carefully and massage your scalp for at least two-three minutes every morning. Bend over and put your head upside down for a couple of minutes for better circulation of blood which also helps in boosting hair growth.

2.Hair wash routine :

You should wash your hair in accordance with the season.During summer wash your hair daily especially as sweat and dirt will clog your scalp and blocking new hair follicles.Whereas during winter washing it twice per week is sufficient. Don’t grease your hair with more product instead wash it with a mild shampoo and conditioner. It is better to go for natural or DIY products than expensive commercial products.

3.Blow drying it the right way

If you a blow drying person it is more select to switching the routine because drying everyday will dry your scalp and suck in the moisture.Let your hair be its own natural way once in a while and let it breathe. And when blow drying make sure you don’t blow dry it completely instead blow dry it 80-85% and save some moisture.

4.Change your style :

Switch to different styles rather than sticking to one. If you leave your hair loose for the day better braid it the next. Leaving it loose throughout the day especially when you are out on the streets will pollute your hair and suck the life out of it. So choose styles that go with the season.

Personal tips for healthy luscious hair:

1.Try different DIY scalp and hair masks and keep them clean.

2.Your diet plays a big part in your hair’s health. So make sure you take healthy protein rich food for thick glossy hair.

3.Try meditation and yoga for healthy hair as it is proven that stress and anxiety could result in hair fall.

4.Sleep well every day letting your body and scalp rest well for better looking hair.

Pictures courtesy : Pinterest.

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