Hola guys!
I am so glad to be writing to you today. It’s about a week that I have been back in Goa and I am so happy to soak in all the beachy vibes! <3 I am so happy to be dwelling again in sun and sand, but not without my sunscreen. 😀 That reminds me I had written about the sunscreen sent to me over by Oriflame. Did any of you try that? If yes tell me all about it no! 😀 Well today I am gonna review one more product from the Oriflame brigade, a lipstick by the name of Pretty Purple. It is such a pretty shade and it’s not the first time I am trying on a bold shade like purple. In the past I have tried several runway look and I am pretty sure you all can pull it off too!

Coming to the lipstick, it is a shade of purple, not too dark, not too light, falls somewhere in between. The stick is average sized 2.5gms and it is priced at Rs 145.  I liked the overall black packaging of the lipshade. Well when I tried it on, I wasn’t skeptical about the shade as I have tried several bold lipshade many a times but I was concerned about the quality of lipstick and if it would suit the texture of my lips. Well to my surprise the lipstick did not disappoint me. The shade is pretty, not too dark to make me look ghost like or not too dull to let go all the drama. It stays for a long time but if you want it to work like a skin to your lips use a lip primer before it. In some cases it could cause lips to get dry but you can readily avoid it by using a lip balm or primer applying the lipstick. While wearing it a several times I also discovered that the shade goes really well with most of my outfit colors, like whites, beiges, blacks, red, grey to name a few.  It also compliments my skin color so that way I am more than happy with it. 😀 To sum it up it is a great lip color given the price range and time it stays on for. If you fancy going dark lips like then you must give it a try for sure. Thumps up from me! 😀

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