Today, it has indeed become mandatory for every individual whether man or woman to work hard to earn their bread and butter and to survive in this fast paced competitive world so its mandatory to energize yourself

Ever feel like you have no way of enjoying some relaxation? For those of you who have gym memberships, you might

A steam is safe and beneficial for almost every age and medical condition.

Steam baths provide a variety of health and beauty benefits, suitable for almost anyone. There are some guidelines that you should take in mind for steam bath .

Here goes the Benefits of the Steam Bath

  • 1.Rejuvenation to Your Life with a Steam Bath :-

    Recover much easier and healthier after an exercise routine or a hard-working day while relaxing in a steam bath. Heat dilates your blood vessels and this helps your muscles to relax, but a steam bath can improve the health of your joints, too. Some people use steam with good results .

  • 2. Detoxifying Well  :-

     You surely must have experienced sweating while taking this bath. The cumulative effect of sweating results in 30% reduction of toxins in your body. It is an effortless and a practical way to detox, and with a greater degree of effectiveness. Not even detoxifying foods can rival the benefit of this bath in this regard

  • 3. Make you feel Light  :-

     The heat thus also generated  helps you to get rid of the fat deposited under the skin. For people with oily skin, it is an added benefit, because it reduces the chances of developing acne that is caused due to fat in the sebaceous glands. Helps to reduce weight.

  • 4. Stimulate Your Immune System  :-

    Your body has its own defense mechanism and that is known as the immune system. A sedentary life can slow down your metabolism and your immune system as well. Intense activity associated with high levels of stress could also have the same effect. You can push your immune system in the right direction by taking a steam baths. This practice will awaken your immune system and make it more efficient at fighting all types of germs, because when your body temperature goes up, your body sees this as a possible consequence of an infection. As a result more white cells and antibodies will be produced.

    Disadvantages :-

Steam Bath are credited with all sorts of benefits, including weight loss and detoxification. These benefits may be exaggerated — and in fact, the steam  bath may present risks to your health and safety too.

  1. Increased Core Temperature :- 

    Prolonged exposure to steam can raise your body’s core temperature to dangerously high levels. Although the steam room will induce sweating, your body may not sweat as much as it needs to, due to the humidity of the environment. A dry sauna allows you to sweat freely, and cool yourself more efficiently.

  2.  Risk for Some People :-

    The heat emitted from the steam room may not be suitable for those who have asthma and heart problems.

  3. Infection :-

    Bacteria and fungi prefer damp, warm environments with little light. This makes steam rooms perfect breeding grounds for infections to spread .If someone who has jock itch was sitting on a bench in a steam room, it increases the likelihood the next person who sits there may become infected as well. Always wear shoes in a steam room, and if you sit on a bench, place a clean towel beneath you.

  4. Dehydration :-

    Because a steam room causes extensive sweating and an increase in body temperature, you can dehydrate easily. Never use a steam room for more than 15 to 20 minutes and drink at least two glasses of water after use to replace fluid lost during sweating. Be aware of dehydration symptoms such as dry mouth, fatigue or dizziness. If you feel dehydrated or overheated in the steam room, remove yourself immediately. Cool off with a shower, but do so gradually, as any extreme temperature change stresses the body even further.

    There some minor disadvantage that Steam bath have but You can surely relax and rejuvenate yourself once in every ten days by opting out for a steam bath procedure. I am sure after learning all the benefits of this procedure; you are surely not going to miss a chance to take it.

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