Tips & tricks for nails care & nail art!

 Nails have always been an important part of our body and they definitely require once-in-a-week attention, efforts, constant care and pampering. And this applies not only for girls, but for boys as well. Well-trimmed, clean and properly shaped nails of both hands and toes marks a neat personality and a good first impression. Massaging, cleaning, cutting, trimming, shaping, painting, doing art – everything can be done to nails and they change your look drastically! So here are some tips and advice from basic to complex on how to master the art of getting those perfect nails that draw eyes.

So here are the steps to keep those hands and toes all clean and colored!

1) The first thing you want to do is to remove the chipped nail polish (if any) from the nails so that your nails are free of color and can breathe. This will also give it a clear space for seeping in all the treatment and will be easy to apply other polishes.

2) Take a tub full of warm water and soak your feet and hands in it for a while. You can add bath salts or conditioners or even shower gel in the water to intensify the soaking. Olive oil or coconut oil can also be used to start moisturizing from the basic step. Soaking will soften up the calluses, remove dirt if any and open up your pores and cuticles.

3) Now that you’re all soaked up, remove the dirt (if any) from under your nails and start to cut and file your nails in your desired shape. Try not to shape your nails too round as it promotes ingrown nail growth. Use the cuticle stick to push back and trim out the cuticles of your nails so that the dead skin is gone and your nail polish does not stick on your cuticles.

4) You can use a pumice stone now to rub off the hard and dead skin from your heels and under toes. This will soften up your feet and leave the skin breathing afresh. Moisturize your hands and feet with oils or a moisturizing lotion.

5) Now you can apply your nail polish. For that, first apply a transparent base coat which will protect your nails from getting yellow and also provide a base for your nail color to stick on. Let it dry and apply the polish of your desired color on it. Apply as many coats as you seem to require (2 coats should do) and seal it after it dries with another coat of transparent polish. This will ensure it sticks on for a long time.


Talking about nail polishes, there have been several trends and varieties in polishes as well as creativity on the polish. Nail arts have been in the market ever since and the game is just getting tougher. From Glossy to Matte and from flaunting daunting designs to going minimal and detailed, nail trends are on the run! So here are some nail polish trends and arts you can try if you are obsessed with completing your look to the fullest.

For those of you who like to go subtle colored yet detailed . .

Or maybe just double colored?

With some details?

You can always go floral!

Add some sparkle and you’ll definitely glam the look!

And lastly, the minimal and intricate, the better.


So now go ahead and get all sparkled up with your new tricks and trends! Keep reading and glam it up.

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