8 mantras to be happy always!

“Be happy & Smile.”

We are all aware of the numerous mental disorders or mental illness that everyone around us or we ourselves face. Be it depression, anxiety, mood swings, over thinking and what not, the list goes on and on. We the people think that these are just traditional ones and can be treated like cough cold or flu but trust me, that’s not the case. Psychiatrist is what one may be asked to consult, but other than the “Psychiatrist” (that usually sounds spine-chilling) we list down a few things you and your loved one could do to figure your way out the loop;

1• Exercise: Sweat it out! Nothing feels better than sweating those over occupied negative thoughts from your head and getting fit in the process. Sometimes it’s just the way you look at the situation the reason of your mental illness. Sweating it out not only helps you get fit but also grants your mind a stability and empowers it to make you feel strong, wise and everything nice. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do so without any extra equipment is running. Here you can read, 5 super fun outdoor morning exercises.

2• Love your loved ones: Spend time with your loved ones and let them know your state. Not only they will be more caring towards you but also accept you and look at ways to cheer you up. Have get-togethers, dinners and sleepovers to get your mind out of those thoughts. Love is in little things.

3• Move out and follow your heart: Follow your passion. It can be anything ranging from painting to watching a television series or whiling away the time. Passion is what your heart speaks and it’s been too long that your mind has been in control of everything so let your heart out now in the sun to let it dry those crevices.

4• Let the road take you: Travel! The best escape is to let go of it in the flow. Set off on a road trip or catch a train to unknown land. The winds, the sand, the beaches and the mountains call you to unravel your heart. Clear your eyes and perspective and find the reason why your mind thinks what it thinks.

5• Let books be your companion: Books serve as your companion in all manners. They open gates to a new world, fairy tales and stories. Listening to stories not only helps you travel and unravel new land every time but also to live a different life in a different pair of shoes every second. Here you can find 5 good books to read.

6• A good listener is underrated: Listen to people and the stories they need to tell you. People sure make up some stories but some are truly motivational which will give your mind a kaleidoscope of perspectives and views to understand yourself and feel better about yourself and the world.

7 • Dig Deep: Know the reason of your illness just like any other sickness that would affect your body and you would get it diagnosed and cure yourself easily. Have good food, spend time with your family and take rest.

8 • Time heals everything: Give yourself time. Take yourself to a salon get a pedicure or manicure; make yourself feel good about yourself. Give yourself the treatment that you deserve. Cherish yourself and celebrate your being.
You know yourself the best so do whatever it takes to make you feel better about yourself and cure this mental illness. Do not take these disorders lightly; if you are unable to cure them by yourself seek help and medical attention. Remember to treat yourself so that you can make the best version out of yourself.

Take care.

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