What is Detox water and why you should drink this!

The tropical Indian heat is just over head, and almost half of us are already fainting or dehydrating or vomiting and what not. But a latest fad might have buzzed your ear recently, something like detox water? Well yes, this Detox Water is one sure solution to fulfilling all your New Year Resolutions of losing weight, eating healthy and looking fit.

Remember how just the overwhelming smell of your favorite food could lead to flush all your health plans down the drain? Well, this very reason is challenged by the Detox Water, and the idea is pretty easy and natural too. The dawn of detoxification of water shall bring in a joy for your taste buds along with a good physique. No longer will you have to pull your hands back from sweets or your favorite food because this drink is at your rescue. Take a sip of this refreshing fruit water and bid farewell to all your extra fat.

What? Detox Water is simply a drink that helps remove toxins from your body. It uncouples impurities and toxins from your body and helps break up with that extra fat.
How? That’s simple. All the ingredients that you put into the detox water have their very own benefits to cater. The basic idea though, is that it makes you feel less hungry by filling your stomach with water and fibers granting no place for unhealthy food or sweet cravings.
When? There is no cuckoo clock that shall strike the time for you to sip the detox water; one can enjoy it all through the day for unless you have a specific goal or deadline to meet.

We enregistrer a few go to recipes one must try-

  •  One of the customary recipes is that of Lemon-Cucumber slices and Mint leaves. Doesn’t it sound refreshing and uber-cool already? Does, and proves the same as well. The lemon helps boost your immune system and cleanse the body off harmful toxins, whereas the cucumber is chosen to keep you hydrated. And mint, It’s garnished to provide taste and help in digestion. For 1Ltr of water 5 slices each of lemon and cucumber shall do. Add 6-7 mint leaves and it’s done.

  •  Melons are the saviors in summer they say. True indeed, these melons store gazillions of antioxidants along with a rich nutrient content. Also, these release amino acids that aid blood flow and cardiovascular well-being. This blend is handy for anyone who follows a strict fitness regime. For 1Ltr of water, 5-6 chunks of these red ruby melons shall make you a thirst quenching drink this season, go try yours.
  • Coming to weight loss on a grave note now, Apple Cinnamon Vinegar Detox is all that you need. Apple on the first place makes you feel brimful which helps being food resistant for a longer period of time. Cinnamon on the other hand increasing your metabolism. This drink altogether prevents fat storage to crop up with an added benefit being, it attenuates acne problems and completion issues. In a jar containing 1Ltr water, 4-5 pieces of apple and 1 stick of cinnamon or a pinch of cinnamon powder along with a few drops of vinegar shall serve your purpose. Also, lemon could add a little taste.



  • If you are a Green Tea fanatic, here is your kind of detox water recipe. Green tea being #1 source of antioxidants is sure to flush all the errand toxins from your body right away. This is one sort of easy alternative to caffeine consumption too, because unlike coffee green tea leaves contain just a befitting level of caffeine. A cup of water along with a green tea sachet, few fresh strawberries slices, that shall help detoxify with a sweet sizzle and 4-5 lemon and cucumber slices garnished with three teaspoon of honey to regulate sugar levels in blood encloses this recipe.


One of the foremost things to keep in mind here is that, fruits and herbs should not be kept in the water for more than 4 hours, you have to usher them out. But in case your detox water has just fruits and no herbs you can have it chill in the fridge overnight.
Do you need more reasons to start THE DETOX WATER today? Well, other than the ones expound over this drink is the best alternative to the carbonated sodas for once and for all. Also, other than these recipes one can fine-tune this detox water according to the need of their body. All the citrus fruits, be it orange, grapefruit, berries, pineapple and even aloe Vera and lavender can be used to custom-make your detox water. Fruits and herbs are indispensable to any signature flavor that sheds a kilo. And the simplest idea is always, the lesser the better. So why wait? Make yours now.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Till our next post stay sexy stay beautiful.


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    Thanks for the information on detox water 🙂
    Was really helpfull
    You should keep posting such more blogs

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    Vidhi Karia

    Thank you Deep for your reviews. Will keep posting. 🙂

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