7 tips to look beautiful without makeup.

We girls are always so concerned about our look. Everything should be upto the mark whether at home or out or in office. And I have seen many times that the only way girls resort to is to put on makeup, which effects our skin badly in the longer term.

Here at India Fashion Blogger platform, we are sharing some tips to get rid of  your daily makeup hurdles. Look beautiful & presentable without any make up:

1- Whiten your teeth-  A good smile add beauty in any image, and white teeth and fresh breath are must have things to look beautiful and presentable. Use a good quality whitening toothpaste especially after drinking coffee and wine. If you have natural yellowish or grayish teeth then consult a professional dentist. In short make sure that your teeth remain clean and your breath fresh, there should be no odour.

2- Lip care – Just like your face, your lip also need massage, exfoliation and moisturizing in regular interval. Don’t forget to take care of your lip. Apply lip balm daily and exfoliate your lip once in a week. You can give massage to your lip with a soft brush or your finger with gently. For exfoliation check out here.

3- Skin care- Glowing and healthy  skin always give extra points to your beauty. You should not wash your face more that 2 times a day, and wash gently. Don’t miss to clean your face before going to bed. Check post here for night skin care. Give facial massage and exfoliate your skin in a regular interval. Ultraviolet rays causes premature aging and wrinkles so make sure that you have applied a good SPF sunscreen daily not only in summer. Don’t rub your facial skin too much because facial skin more delicate than other body parts.

4-Make your eyebrows look perfect- Make sure that your eyebrows are perfect according to your face shape. If you have lighten eyebrows then apply daily castor oil and vitamin A mix daily to darken it. Because in no make up face, your eyebrows play the role of centre of attraction. 🙂

5- Eyes care- Take care of your eyes, you should not have dark circles. Take proper sleep and use eye cream to get rid of your dark circles. Take a proper diet, dark circles are the signals of deficiency in iron and Vitamin B. Make sure you are taking proper diet.

And if you are in no make up look, then you can curl your lashes with eyelash curler, it will give widen look to your eyes.

6- Hair care– In make up free face, a simple trimmed and shine hair look good. So you have to take care of your hair. Coconut oil is beneficial for healthy and shinier hair. Here you go for hair care tips.

7- Diet- There is direct connection of your diet and healthy skin. So make sure that you are taking healthy diet on regular basis. I have recently switched to raw diet from regular grain diet and I can see the difference. It’s a must according to me. Go ahead and adopt it.

Follow these simple rules and rock in your make up free look.

We will be back soon with new beauty tips, till then Stay sexy, Stay beautiful & Stay fit. <3

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