Lips, as red as Rose!

Lips, as red as rose…

It seems like a distant memory with all the pollution in this air along with genetics, lifestyle choices, such as smoking and drinking. Our daily acts such as too much caffeine turn those pink baby lips into ashen flaps of muscles. Just exposure to sun and the wind can lead to darkening of your lips and these are the factors you don’t have any control over. But if you cannot prevent it, cure it. With these tips, you can get those luscious lips back. Here are 7 virtues of plump lips:


It is not rocket science: Lemon=Lightening

The sour and stingy juice is loaded with natural bleaching agents which can lighten your lips quickly. It also exfoliates the sensitive and this skin of lips by removing the dead skin cells. Along with acting as a blemish removing agent for skin, gradual and regular rubbing of lips with the juice of the lemon will give you really satisfying results.

2-Rose Petals

Ah, what better solution than a rose for rosy lips. A mixture of crushed rose petals and coconut milk or usual milk applied on lips will leave the skin of your lips soft, smooth and lightened. It leaves behind a soft pink stain from all the anthocyanins in the petals if left on and massaged gently for just ten minutes. Wash the mixture off with warm water and apply your desired chapstick.


Dark circles under eyes, dark armpits… Hmmm, what else does it lighten?

Of course, your lips. The cucumber has natural juices which can lighten the surface of your skin and your lips alike. The key is to be consistent. Gradual and regular rubbing of cucumber slices on your lips will result in lighter, pink and healthier lips over lime.


Applying freshly crushed berries is one of the golden ways you can lighten your dark lips naturally. The pulp helps in exfoliating and smoothening of the surface as well. The best ones are raspberries which are loaded with nutrients which will feed your lips with moisture and health. All you have to do it make a paste of those berries.

The base can be edible and non-edible, as per your convenience. Preferably edible, for we all know we need a second application after a couple of hours. Aloe gel, honey or yoghurt are an excellent choice. Apply during any time of the day and leave them on for at least twenty minutes (re-apply if there is a need because I eat the mixture more than I apply it).


Did I mention honey before? Oh no, I ate it. Geddit? Geddit? Okay sorry don’t kill me I try. *phew*

Honey is perhaps one of the most nutritious edible product. It can be beneficial for your body both externally and internally. It’s an excellent base for face packs and pastes and for internal use, it replaces sugar and helps you control the amount of artificially processed sugar you’re consuming. Its regular application on the lips WILL DO WONDERS WITH NO EXCEPTIONS!

Apply them on your lips and leave them overnight. Gradually, it will lighten your lips and will give you plump and healthy lips that has a cute pink glow.

5-The difficult-to-spell fruit

Ahh let it be, I’ll google it and paste the word whenever I need.

Pomegranate has been one of the oldest and most effective remedies when it comes to lightening your lips because of one simple reason: it leaves behind a sexy bloody stain. Just the way red petals of rose has some colouring agents, pomegranate has a deep red pigment stored in the flesh of its seeds. Crush a cup of pomegranate seeds and mix the pulp and the juice with some rosewater and almond milk. Scrub your lips gently with the prepared mixture. You’ll gradually get the results.

6-Natural Butters

Shea, mango, almond, avocado, cocoa, cashew… You name it, there is a natural butter extracted from it.
These smooth pastes are excellent moisturizers which lighten your lips along with nourishing them over time. They have a high amount of fatty acids and are easily absorbed into the skin.

Add a teaspoon of sugar to make an exfoliating paste for your lips. A caution though, since sugar can be really harsh on skin, I suggest using cane sugar instead of the processed one because the former has smaller granules. Scrub the dead skin away and kiss the world with those newly earned pink lips.


So, what’re you waiting for? You have the steps, follow them and let me know what your results say.

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